What’s Next With Brianna?

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

I haven’t really decided what to do with her. In the previous version, I knew how she would show up again, but now, I am considering other ideas.

I had Brianna and Liana as reflections of each other. They were essentially the same, just on different sides of the battle. One difference–

Who is worse, Liana or Brianna?

Up until the last reader I asked, males said Liana, females said Brianna. The last guy I asked said Brianna. I agree, maybe for differnt reasons than him.

Essentially, both wanted power. Both methods of desire were wrong, crooked, but consider their reasons: Liana wanted power to help her people (she ultimately betrayed them) and for her sidequest*, whereas Briana wanted power solely for herself. She was selfish, whereas Liana in a twisted way wanted to help her people.

* sidequest note: Liana’s twin brother Lianis was taken captive by Malik’s #2 general. She blames the sword masters (Malik’s been killing them off, the masters are not available). She resents them due to their historical position in Rikan and wydrism. She wants to destroy the sword masters from the history books of Rikan.

Probably some women resent Brianna for betraying Merrik. I don’t resent her at all for that. I despise her selfish desires.

What to do with Brianna? I’m more interested in Liana and Lianis at the moment, so Briana, if anything, will be downgraded to very minor character in ROTNM.

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Killing Off Characters

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

The following post contains spoilers for The Age of Merrik: The Anointing.

The following post contains references to graphic character violence (perhaps not that graphic, but some young readers might not wish to read it).

Yes, it’s not my favorite thing to do, but eventually many characters must die. The plot must go on.

No, I’m not going to say who dies, it is too much of a spoiler.

This reminds me of a not-so-favorable change I chose to make for The Anointing. Originally, when Zsastar presents himself with Liana “Eleya”, I had Oroco insult her and Liana tell Zsastar she wanted to end the insults to her honor. Zsastar gives her a dagger, and much to everyone’s surprise, Liana kills herself. Yes, she commits suicide. This is her honorable way out. Her atonement. After Liana is dead and the “Eleya” turns into Liana, Zsastar demands answers. But I figured not many people have an open view to suicide, at least not “western” people.

I also wrote a version wherein Eleya, using mastery powers, prevents Liana from plunging the dagger into herself.

Then I decided, “Let Merrik handle this one.” He is, after all, the title character.

The first version of The Anointing had the final battle solely between Zsastar and the character I later changed to Eleya. I ended up compromising, having Merrik fight Zsastar in body, but have Eleya fight him in spirit.

Tag team battle!

I have a special place in my heart for Liana. After being disappointed by not leaving in the dramatic suicide, I decided, “Hey, she gets to repent or try until she succeeds killing herself.” Yeah, Liana has a lot of guilt. Mostly due to her self-appointed sense of responsibility fro her twin brother, Lianis, whom Malik’s second general enslaved.

How many generals does Malik have?

Well, at the beginning of Rise of the New Masters, the following are the ones left alive:

#1 – Female – desires Malik in every sense of the word hey, some character has to
#2 – Male – as bad as #1 in the lecherous sense. They are both whores and worse so. #1 enslaves males. #2 is even worse in this sense as he rapes many women. Well, he is a bad guy and no matter how much they repent, no rapist will ever be a good guy.
#3- Male – whereabouts unknown – possibly killed by sword masters
#4 – Zsastar – male – “Son of Malik”
#5 – (previous general deceased, Malik seeking replacement)
#6 – Male – general sent to different continent
#7 – Male – the new antagonist of Rise of the New Masters

Why are 6/7 generals male? Malik only has eyes for Skye, much the the chagrin of #1. He wants not distractions, but keeps #1 around because of her magic powers.

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Fan Q & A: Is there a real Lianis?

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

Fan Q: Is there a real Lianis?

Answer: Yes. This is in Liana’s backstory and has not yet come to light. Lianis was her relative.

When Liana assumes her identity as Lianis, *he* is a completely separate person from her.

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