Favorite Character Moments

By eugena On June 18th, 2013

Hello out there, Readers and Fans.

I’ve been a very long hiatus from both blogging and writing, well fiction writing that is.  I thought I’d return with a few of my favorite moments.  My favorite comedic one has to be my very short spoof, A Modern Medieval (Picture Perfect).  I laugh every time I read that over, even though I know what’s coming.  As for The Age of Merrik: The Anointing, which I know some of you are familiar with, here’s a list warning: spoilers

Eleya: “I wanted the impossible, and now it is possible.”  (My favorite line.)  Eleya gets a happy ending – for now.

Merrik (Merrik I):  Can I really pick just one?  Okay, the ending.  They both get a happy ending for now.  It may be The Age of Merrik, but Eleya is very central.  “I kneel before the one who guards my heart.”

The General Zsastar:  Tough call.  The final battle.  As for a tie to book 2’s bond with his mother, see his promise to avenge his father and mother.  His ties with his mother is very important in book 2.

Brianna: Zsastar’s rejection.  No one wants you, Brianna.  Although, my #2 has to be the Brianna/Eleya confrontation in the dungeon.

Liana: I could revisit the who is worse, Brianna or Liana debate.  Liana will always get my vote since she is a traitor.  But she does get some justice at the end when Merrik spelled her to look like Eleya and she gets turned over to Zsastar.  Look for her to return.

Cle’an and Elisha: I have to group these two together since my favorite moment is when Elisha (in Reyenas) drops some pretty large hints to Cle’an that she is interested in him.  Sorry, Cle’an, we won’t know what happens between you two until Rise of the New Masters.  However, for those of you following my screenplay adaptation, it was really hinted that these two get together.

Casseya: All the angst in knowing she’s helped out Eleya only to find out that Merrik has moved on from Brianna to Eleya.


And what are some other favorite moments in upcoming books?  One moody dragon + one shinigami = a lot of good character interaction.  I am looking forward to this one (Shinigami Saga #1).  And a new character, Talissa, in Rise of the New Masters.  She was a former Central Region Sword Master charged with treason.  Her life was spared only because the one she betrayed was a traitor himself.  She still promises her allegiance to Eleya.  Talissa is a new opportunity to discuss treason.  What happens when one betrays a betrayer?  Will one be remembered as only a traitor or is there some good remaining to come to light?

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The Choice Is Yours

By eugena On October 1st, 2011

Being an American, I’m fully acquainted with apathy. Maybe not in all parts of America, but it has been a golden standard in parts I have lived in.

In the past two weeks, I have been asked what my published novel, The Age of Merrik: The Anointing is about. In one way, it is difficult for me to summarize. I used it as a writing process to further hone my skills (they are far superior to what they were when it was published). In addition, I wrote three versions of it. Yet I really have to stop and think of a short summary of the published edition.

The protagonist, Merrik, is a young ruler of a kingdom (Tyera). After an eight year absence, The General, the Son of King Malik (a ruthless king) has returned to finish destroying Merrik’s homeland. He and his forces use Tyera as a base to enslave the neighboring kingdom (Rikan). He challenges Merrik and although Merrik is up to the challenge, he finds that most of his subjects have become apathetic and willing to accept The General without question (and falling for his lies). Merrik eventually fails the challenge and his rule is usurped. Only when his people and the people of Rikan are willing to fight for their freedom do they have the chance to receive it again.

Political Undertones

Political Marriages – A big theme of mine. Very big in my new novel WIP King’s Romance (working title). Merrik agrees to keep his enagement to Brianna for cultural reasons, but says she will merely “bear . . . [his] children quickly” and be banished from the hearts of the people.

Political Sucession – A cycle of rise, fall, and rise to leadership. Merrik, The General, Merrik. The inheritance of Sethane (Malik’s Kingdom) is assumed to be left to The General, though most of this importance is viewed in other books. Skye, former Swordmaster of Rikan, gave up her freedom to hand what land would become Nemea to Zaelen (Zaedrif’s Father) and to save him from Malik.

Deceit – The General on Liana, Liana on everyone else. The General on Brianna (also in a romantic fashion).

Role of Women – Brianna sees her role as simply being with the leader. That the leader will “make” her. Both Eleya and Elisha show their abilities and importance, each making themselves by their own worth. The Swordmaster leader is female. Merrik acknowledges their worth. The General uses Brianna as she is willing, but only because this is what she expects of herself. The General greatly respects women due to his love for his mother, *****spoiler***** Skye.


Naivety – John and Miriam. Ken’rid’s crush on Eleya. Brianna’s belief in The General.

One-Sided – Jonas’ love for Brianna. Casseya’s love for Merrik. The General’s preoccupation with Eleya.

Cultural Chain – Merrik agreeing to still marry Brianna (“the vow”). Skye giving herself to Malik to save Zaelen, simply due to visions she had about Zaelen’s future.

Betrayal – Brianna’s betrayal of Merrik (love). Liana’s betrayal of Rikan (country). Zaedrif’s prior betrayal of everyone including Eleya (both).

What is a Family? – Merrik was adopted. He has a strong bond to those parents.

Death and Rebirth – Perhaps my biggest general category of theme.

The Swordmasters as a whole are dying. Eleya should have died in the beginning but appears later. The price of this rebirth appears to be her memories and her power. Through her rebirth, she gains power. Eleya (in Rikan as “Merris”) is often appears as sickly and personifies death. “Life” returns as Merris becomes Eleya again.


The ethnicity in The Age of Merrik is homogeneous. Mortals possesses equal rights. The only divide is within the divine – the god (Serafin), the demi-god (swordmasters), and the mortal.

A small Merrik/Eleya (as Merris) passage:

[Merrik] had thought of what he wanted to say next. He had considered this since he saw Brianna with The General. He no longer had Cle’an’s wise council, but he felt she was as wise. He needed her advice.

“I’ve thought of this Merris, and I know what I will do after The General is gone. Brianna and I will wed, and she will bear my children quickly. I will banish her, and her children will learn to banish her even from their hearts. They will grow to understand the extent of her betrayal.”

“It could happen, since she is allied to The General. Even the smallest of human hearts can understand this darkness. She would be a mother as only life would command her, not in bond.”

“She would not be like my mother. I know only the family who raised me. My bond is in their hearts, even though they did not see my earliest days.”

“The way it should be.” Merris looked down to her arms, noting that even in this light they were still paler than others’ skin. Other people possessed skin tones all the same, the shade varying only in deep sickness or death.

Chapter 11: A Small Respite

The Choice Is Yours. [Yes, that is a song reference.]

Will the masses let their own Generals conqueror them with their own apathy?

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Love vs. Country

By eugena On July 7th, 2011

The Brianna v. Liana debate — always quite a heated one.

Here’s an interesting Fan Factoid:

Brianna v. Liana — who is worse?
Majority of female fans say Brianna
Majority of males ales say Liana

My thoughts — the females who are picking Brianna say that since she betrayed someone who loved her. If fact, they have pointed that out and looked little at the fact Liana betrayed her COUNTRY which is far worse in my opinion.

Remember to VOTE on who YOU think is worse — and leave a comment if you want. I chose Zaedrif myself, but Brianna is winning the fan vote right now

Brianna v. Liana Poll (+ Zaedrif)

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I Think For Myself

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

Also known as “My Views Are Different — I Am A Writer, That Means I Think For Myself”

Some people may find themselves asking “why is it worse that some one is in a coma or paralyzed than being dead”? Well, it is if that person is in a coma they cannot wake from. And STOP with the religious references on the sanctity of life, etc. I don’t care to hear them. Has anyone who starts saying those things stopped to consider the amount of SUFFERING the person who is in a permanent coma or paralyzed must endure? An aside, only a religious view says that suicide is wrong. (NOTE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE–WHY IS SUICIDE CONSIDERED A CRIME?)

This is why I did not have Liana kill herself when she was under Merrik’s spell to look like Eleya. I really wanted to. But then I had to think all these religious (nuts, perhaps?) may not like this. Also, people are not honest with children about things**, so the kids may ask what happened. Well, she can still be suicidal in ROTNM more so.

Also, this is why I still consider Skye of Rikan to be dead and NOT still alive. Stop obsessing, Malik!

** A wide variety of things. Sailor Moon’s USA adaptation comes to mind. The first season’s two part finale was meshed into one episode and the senshi didn’t die, they just faded away.

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What’s Next With Brianna?

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

I haven’t really decided what to do with her. In the previous version, I knew how she would show up again, but now, I am considering other ideas.

I had Brianna and Liana as reflections of each other. They were essentially the same, just on different sides of the battle. One difference–

Who is worse, Liana or Brianna?

Up until the last reader I asked, males said Liana, females said Brianna. The last guy I asked said Brianna. I agree, maybe for differnt reasons than him.

Essentially, both wanted power. Both methods of desire were wrong, crooked, but consider their reasons: Liana wanted power to help her people (she ultimately betrayed them) and for her sidequest*, whereas Briana wanted power solely for herself. She was selfish, whereas Liana in a twisted way wanted to help her people.

* sidequest note: Liana’s twin brother Lianis was taken captive by Malik’s #2 general. She blames the sword masters (Malik’s been killing them off, the masters are not available). She resents them due to their historical position in Rikan and wydrism. She wants to destroy the sword masters from the history books of Rikan.

Probably some women resent Brianna for betraying Merrik. I don’t resent her at all for that. I despise her selfish desires.

What to do with Brianna? I’m more interested in Liana and Lianis at the moment, so Briana, if anything, will be downgraded to very minor character in ROTNM.

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Killing Off Characters

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

The following post contains spoilers for The Age of Merrik: The Anointing.

The following post contains references to graphic character violence (perhaps not that graphic, but some young readers might not wish to read it).

Yes, it’s not my favorite thing to do, but eventually many characters must die. The plot must go on.

No, I’m not going to say who dies, it is too much of a spoiler.

This reminds me of a not-so-favorable change I chose to make for The Anointing. Originally, when Zsastar presents himself with Liana “Eleya”, I had Oroco insult her and Liana tell Zsastar she wanted to end the insults to her honor. Zsastar gives her a dagger, and much to everyone’s surprise, Liana kills herself. Yes, she commits suicide. This is her honorable way out. Her atonement. After Liana is dead and the “Eleya” turns into Liana, Zsastar demands answers. But I figured not many people have an open view to suicide, at least not “western” people.

I also wrote a version wherein Eleya, using mastery powers, prevents Liana from plunging the dagger into herself.

Then I decided, “Let Merrik handle this one.” He is, after all, the title character.

The first version of The Anointing had the final battle solely between Zsastar and the character I later changed to Eleya. I ended up compromising, having Merrik fight Zsastar in body, but have Eleya fight him in spirit.

Tag team battle!

I have a special place in my heart for Liana. After being disappointed by not leaving in the dramatic suicide, I decided, “Hey, she gets to repent or try until she succeeds killing herself.” Yeah, Liana has a lot of guilt. Mostly due to her self-appointed sense of responsibility fro her twin brother, Lianis, whom Malik’s second general enslaved.

How many generals does Malik have?

Well, at the beginning of Rise of the New Masters, the following are the ones left alive:

#1 – Female – desires Malik in every sense of the word hey, some character has to
#2 – Male – as bad as #1 in the lecherous sense. They are both whores and worse so. #1 enslaves males. #2 is even worse in this sense as he rapes many women. Well, he is a bad guy and no matter how much they repent, no rapist will ever be a good guy.
#3- Male – whereabouts unknown – possibly killed by sword masters
#4 – Zsastar – male – “Son of Malik”
#5 – (previous general deceased, Malik seeking replacement)
#6 – Male – general sent to different continent
#7 – Male – the new antagonist of Rise of the New Masters

Why are 6/7 generals male? Malik only has eyes for Skye, much the the chagrin of #1. He wants not distractions, but keeps #1 around because of her magic powers.

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Fan Q & A: Is there a real Lianis?

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

Fan Q: Is there a real Lianis?

Answer: Yes. This is in Liana’s backstory and has not yet come to light. Lianis was her relative.

When Liana assumes her identity as Lianis, *he* is a completely separate person from her.

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