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By eugena On May 7th, 2014

Hi Everyone

I hope you all have been doing well.  It’s been quite a while since my last update.  I am still working on the novels.  It seems like ROTNM is right now in the highest demand of them.  I’ve been working on flushing out that side character, Talissa.  Why?  Well, yes, a side character really is not that important until she is given importance.  And, yes, this one has a surprising role.  As some of you might recall, I have already outed this character as a traitor.  Well, perhaps she is a tricky one.  After all, who did she betray?  Well, yet another traitor.  So, overall, she was still loyal to her top master, just not to her immediate lord.  That’s a very broad overview, however.  It gets pretty complicated when you ask her to go against the vile King Malik and his even more so disgusting General Number Two.  Actually Malik is like a shining knight compared to that guy.  Zsastar, as bad as some of you might see him, can’t hold a candle to General Valoren of Sethane.

And for those of you reading into close detail, Valoren did I say?  Yes.  Same spelling.  Different person.  For readers of The Anointing, you may recall Brianna’s two loyalists, Jonas, who becomes an important character in Rise of the New Masters, and Valoren, who seemed to be more mature than Jonas, but not too much said about him.  There is something to say about his family, however.  They named him after General Valoren.  And, oh dear, Merrik, had you known the names of King Malik’s Generals, this name alone should have tipped you off to something.  But that’s a reflection of real life there.  Even the most learned persons can be ignorant or simply non-observant to something that seems so glaring obvious and important.

The books is progressing well with this new Talissa-centric perspective.


Recap on what I have posted on Malik’s Generals’ identities:

General 1: The only female General.  She has a personal stake in Zsastar’s well-being.  At great odds with General Valoren.  This begs the question of why haven’t the two of them killed each other yet.  Which is certainly asked and addressed several times.

General 2: Valoren (of Sethane), biological father of Nathan

General 3

General 4: Zsastar, Son of Malik

General 5

General 6

General 7: Nathan (in disguise)

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They All Have Their Own Battles To Fight (Rise of the New Masters)

By eugena On December 3rd, 2012

(Spoilers for The Age of Merrik: The Anointing follow.)

Chapter one begins with Zsastar, Son of King Malik returning home to his father.  He has been defeated, not only in the battlefield, but in the battlefield of the mind.  Little does he know Malik’s newest general may be vying for his position, but that will be the least of his worry.

Chapter two opens with Eleya, deep in a depression.  She fights the ongoing fear that the other masters are dead, and that she is the last.  She wakes up alone, with no idea of the whereabouts of her companions.

Our protagonist Merrik and the other allies with him are ambushed in a short skirmish, one that is over quickly, but will quickly tip the balance of power in a rolling domino effect.  Will Eleya be able to come to terms with some of the demons of her past and aide them in time?

We shall see.


More on Rise of the New Masters, and more spoilers:

After some debate, I have decided to keep the cliff hanger ending for Rise of the New Masters that I had written a while ago.  A tough decision, among many, to make as a writer is if and when characters die off.  (No, I’m not telling you all who.  I keep hinting, so you are all welcomed to guess.)

So far, I will let you all in on this: there are 2 parallel tracks that are the main story.  The first, beginning in chapter one, centers on Sethane, King Malik and his Generals.  The Son of Malik, our antagonist Zsastar from book one, must go home to has beloved father in disgrace.  But the ashes of his failure are a spring board for our new antagonist, Nathan.

Track 2 is the story of the protagonists, focusing mainly on Eleya’s perspective.  Why is that?  Some of you might ask, considering Merrik is the protagonist of the series.  The subtitle of the book, Rise of the New Masters, should hint to that answer.  Eleya is the Regina, the leader of the Sword Masters, and any incoming army of new masters would undermine her authority.

Eleya must come to terms with a secret of the Sword Master history that has remained hidden from the outside world.


Former antagonist Jonas will appear in this book as Eleya’s ally.


I am considering posting a short Eleya-centric scene from chapter two on this blog.

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Progress on ROTM

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

A prophetic dream sequence…Eleya taking up arms against…Merrik?

Yes, audience, the development is looking good. I know there are no Jonas/Eleya shippers out there (except me) since their moments came in the screenplay adaptation, but there will be some moments in Rise of the New Masters. Stay tuned.

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AOM 2 Ending Written

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

I’m beginning to think I should start writing the ending first always. Well, it was easier to do since this was a sequel. Sequels are really HARD to write in my opinion. But at last, I have written (detailed outline) the ending of this book (Rise of the New Masters), now to write my way there from the beginning. Another great adventure in writing continues.

As a side note, I am considering not including Jonas in this one as he was greatly in love with Brianna who does not appear in this novel. Although he gets somewhat close to Eleya and decides what Brianna has done to her is wrong in the screenplay adaption, this does not show in the first novel. Although, I could just write in a few references or flashback scenes.

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Plot: Rise of the New Masters

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

Following the end events of The Anointing, Eleya, Merrik, and others, including Jonas, Brianna’s childhood friend, seek their lost comrades. Unbeknownst to them, the Swordmaster hero Nathan of Anthama has been resurrected from the dead and now works under Malik as his Seventh General. Nathan desires revenge against his enemies and Eleya’s enemies even if that means destroying the balance of sacred order.

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I Forgot How Shippy The Screenplay Is

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

Been working on converting my screenplay excerpt to html format. I forgot how shippy (relationshippy) it is. First is JonasXBrianna then major back story of MerrikXEleya:

Parts below:


MERRIK tosses and turns on his bed while he sleeps.


MERRIK opens his eyes as he stands boot-deep in snow. He holds his sword in his right hand, and the blade points towards the ground.

He lifts his sword and rests the other end of his sword on his left palm. Snow slides off the end of the blade and to the ground.

Merrik? I am sorry, Merrik.

MERRIK looks around in search of the speaker. On a small hill in the distance, he sees a sword planted in the ground. The hilt shines in a silver light. Merrik races towards the sword.

He slips in the snow, drops his sword, and falls next to Eleya. Her eyes are halfway closed and her struggles to inhale shallow breaths.

The hue of her blue eyes begins to fade. He reaches out to touch her. She slowly turns her head to him.

In her still gaze, blood trickles down the side of her mouth onto the snow.

MERRIK snaps his hand back.

I could not stop him this time.

MERRIK lifts her head a bit. Her breathing eases.

My time is done.


MERRIK lowers her head to the snow and closes her eyelids. Merrik rests a hand to her cheek.



MERRIK and Jierin rush in on CASSEYA, 24, Cle’an, and a HEALER. Casseya lies on Cle’an’s bed, barely conscious. Her matted, long black hair blankets the pillow. Her lips are wind burned.

The healer feeds her from a bowl of herbs. Cle’an sits on a chair beside her and holds her hand.

Does she live?


(hushed, to MERRIK)
Some of the villagers there found a woman.


The woman – she may not be any ordinary woman. I believe she may be -.

I know who she is.

What she is, Merrik. That will always come first.

How could I forget?

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Rise of the New Masters Continues

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

I’ve got several concrete plots going, and I have already written a draft ending–now just have to get there.

Merrik, Eleya, Oroco, Zaedrif, ZIbiah, Zsastar, Jonas


Areya, Miriam and new child (whom she names “Merris” in reference to events of The Anointing)

There will be several new sword masters and old sword masters (that did not necessarily get mentioned in The Anointing).

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