Announcing My Tumblr Website

By eugena On June 8th, 2014

E. Moulton on Tumblr

Ok everyone, I’m giving this tumblr a try.  This blog will have my up to date news on my writing projects, but if you’d like to also view my thoughts on other things, like shows, movies, and games, visit my tumblr page.  I will also have some things here and there about my writing projects as well.

Excerpt from my first tumblr post, “Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior:”

So among the so many other things I did this weekend, I worked a bit on Shinigami,  Knowing how the main character is at “Act 1” and will be at “Act 3” (more of screenwriting terms here than prose writing), I believe it’s important to keep showing her as being true to herself.  I think sometimes it takes genuine courage to do that.  And it will for Shirayukihime.  Just as it will for Eleya in Rise of the New Masters when she faces a truth she would rather forget.  Although important in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, this idea is not really from that series.  I think it is a strong idea present in many works.  The idea of being true to yourself is among the best things you can commit to.  After all, who wants to be lying to yourself?  Of course, in great contrast, I do have characters that are.  Brianna, for example.

I think that by writing scenes with that focus for the characters that adhere to that philosophy really fleshes them out, first of all for me, then also for the audience.  I’m looking forward to writing the hard scene is Rise of the New Masters, where Eleya and a few minor characters will be dealing with something that really puts what they believe in, including themselves, to the test.  And in Shinigami, Shirayukihime must realize her error and choose to deal with the avalanche that is its aftermath.

Once a Warrior, Always a Warror, and these characters won’t be backing down.

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Reflections of Us

By eugena On December 18th, 2013

Hello out there Readers.  I hope you all are enjoying the holiday season.

I recently took the “NAMOWRIMO” month as an encouragement to work on some more writing.  Right now, I am focusing on Character Motivations.  In Shinigami, I explore Shirayukihime’s conflicted desire for self vs. what is best for her people as a whole.  I worked on one of the act “climax” scenes, for those of you out there familiar with the term (though it’s more so in the screenwriting context).  It’s certainly different to look at the before and after.  Before, she’s considering the changes in “life” (she’s a God of Death, Shinigami, is she living?) and ready to take on some desires, even if they are forbidden.  Then here at the climax for Act 1 (though I may move it along to Act 2), there is the after, or at least the begining of it.  She takes what a lot of real life people don’t, responsibility, for her actions, including things derived from those actions.  She makes what many would consider a bad choice, but chooses what she finds as a repentance and perhaps the only path of restoration left to her.  (Really sorry, don’t want to spoil it, but would you out there really read the first part if you knew this big event?  Maybe so.)

And as to The Age of Merrik, as some of you may be familiar, I am working on the sequel, Rise of the New Masters.  Lately, I’m taking the focus on Zsastar, Son of Malik.  ***SPOILER ALERT****


So, he’s finding himself falling in love with Eleya.  Though according to the vicious First General, who has a personal stake in Zsastar’s well-being, he’s already fallen for her.  His father, King Malik, fell in love with the Sword Master and Seer Skye.  This of course caused all sorts of problems.  The long-standing feud between Ancient Sethane and the Sword Masters was temporarily broken, but only for her.  Furthermore, Malik gets revenge on the Sword Master Zaelen, father of Zaedrif and Zibiah, for betraying Skye.

So, can Zsastar do it?  Can he look past the feud like his father did?  Will he feel too guilty because, like his father, he believed that all Sword Masters are to share in the blame for Skye’s betrayal and, what is arguably, her state of death?


So, what’s my recommended song for this week?  I’d have to say “Let It Go” from the new Disney Frozen movie.  I’m not much of a fan of animation in contract to a live action film, particularly of the action genre, but this was a great movie.  It had actors in it that could actually sing, not ones that did the voice and another for the songs.  It’s not as good as a musical on broadway, but it’s really aimed for kids anyway.  It’s Disney, but at least it’s not “You gotta go get married, because that’s all little girls want,” like the much earlier movies.  Disney Pixar’s Brave focused on the Mother-Daughter bond, and this one focused on a bond between Sisters.  I love singing talent, and to see it in a movie makes the story even better.  Excellent casting.  I would also recommend the music video of “Let It Go.”

And speaking of music videos, check out “What Does the Fox Say?”.  Hilarious.  I also recommend Transition’sSorry My Chinese Isn’t So Good.”

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Second Life

By eugena On September 27th, 2013

Hi Everyone out there, a belated Happy Merrik Anniversary!  Of course, as you detailed-orientated fans know, this is the V1 Anniversary, pre-Sword Masters era of V2 and V3 (Final) of the book.  It’s still Novem, so I think we can celebrate all month long on this one.

I can hardly believe that some of the biggest planning in Rise of the New Masters revolved around the Anointing protagonist Zsastar.  Let’s just say at this point, defeat has changed him.  Is he willing to lead a new life and pay the price for it?  And who exactly are the real allies to whom?

Following Zsastar’s defeat, on the antagonist side, readers will meet the First General, King Malik’s only female general.  And she is not to be trifled with.  Through her dark magic, one hero is lost and other held captive.  Yet perhaps the greater question is how to undo the binding restrictions on the leader of the Sword Masters and give Merrik’s lost people a chance to return home.

As much as I love to write in the dramatic fight scenes, I also enjoy writing the relationships between the characters.  I am rather fond of the dynamic of one character with his or her undying devotion to the other character.  In The Rise of the New Masters, this gets explored in several sets, including Talissa and The Regina as to the past.  In Shinigami, this is the Shinigami and her dragon during the Second Life.  Spoilers end here.  Hope to do some more work over the weekend.  Back to writing about my favorite God of Death.

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When One Life Is Not Enough

By eugena On July 19th, 2013

As for anyone looking for tips or just curious on how I write, I find character interaction very important.  Yes, these characters are fiction, but for brief moments as a writer, they exist real enough to “talk.”  What does this mean?  Well the talking part harkens back to my days when I did more screenwriting, as dialogue is for obvious reasons so much more important in screenwriting than in novel form.  Each character had to be different, just as real people are.  Each character would speak a certain way, and such things had to be clear in his or her dialogue.  Just as acting is easier with a scene of at least two characters – another actor to play off yourself vs. a monologue, the same really is true with a novel.

If you want someone to care about your character, then show them why another character cares.  Just like real life.

In Shinigami Saga, although I’ll appease romance fans with the romance angle, the most important relationship the main character has is with her dragon.  I won’t spoil it too much, but this dragon is her servant who lives and sees everything about her life.  When she may meet her death, do I expect the audience to feel for her because she might die?  Sure.  What I really expect is the audience to feel for the dragon, the survivor.  What is it like to have the most important person to you ripped away before your very eyes?  In the end, many people may in their own ways relate to this.  So, relate.  Relate to the audience.  If I had great drawing talent. I would be posting up pictures of scenes between the dragon and the shinigami.  So, I write these scenes.  I let the audience picture them.

Title Reference: Reincarnation

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Favorite Character Moments

By eugena On June 18th, 2013

Hello out there, Readers and Fans.

I’ve been a very long hiatus from both blogging and writing, well fiction writing that is.  I thought I’d return with a few of my favorite moments.  My favorite comedic one has to be my very short spoof, A Modern Medieval (Picture Perfect).  I laugh every time I read that over, even though I know what’s coming.  As for The Age of Merrik: The Anointing, which I know some of you are familiar with, here’s a list warning: spoilers

Eleya: “I wanted the impossible, and now it is possible.”  (My favorite line.)  Eleya gets a happy ending – for now.

Merrik (Merrik I):  Can I really pick just one?  Okay, the ending.  They both get a happy ending for now.  It may be The Age of Merrik, but Eleya is very central.  “I kneel before the one who guards my heart.”

The General Zsastar:  Tough call.  The final battle.  As for a tie to book 2’s bond with his mother, see his promise to avenge his father and mother.  His ties with his mother is very important in book 2.

Brianna: Zsastar’s rejection.  No one wants you, Brianna.  Although, my #2 has to be the Brianna/Eleya confrontation in the dungeon.

Liana: I could revisit the who is worse, Brianna or Liana debate.  Liana will always get my vote since she is a traitor.  But she does get some justice at the end when Merrik spelled her to look like Eleya and she gets turned over to Zsastar.  Look for her to return.

Cle’an and Elisha: I have to group these two together since my favorite moment is when Elisha (in Reyenas) drops some pretty large hints to Cle’an that she is interested in him.  Sorry, Cle’an, we won’t know what happens between you two until Rise of the New Masters.  However, for those of you following my screenplay adaptation, it was really hinted that these two get together.

Casseya: All the angst in knowing she’s helped out Eleya only to find out that Merrik has moved on from Brianna to Eleya.


And what are some other favorite moments in upcoming books?  One moody dragon + one shinigami = a lot of good character interaction.  I am looking forward to this one (Shinigami Saga #1).  And a new character, Talissa, in Rise of the New Masters.  She was a former Central Region Sword Master charged with treason.  Her life was spared only because the one she betrayed was a traitor himself.  She still promises her allegiance to Eleya.  Talissa is a new opportunity to discuss treason.  What happens when one betrays a betrayer?  Will one be remembered as only a traitor or is there some good remaining to come to light?

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Novels Updates

By eugena On March 4th, 2013

Hello Readers and Fans,

It has been a while since my last post, hasn’t it?  I have definitely been busy (though you could say I’m always busy) with the lawyer side of my life.  I am very happy I am one now.  So in that vein, I put the writing projects off several weeks.  I did not stop working on them, but I did decide to do some more planning with where exactly they were going.

Most recently, I have outlined the entire Megami series.  Yes, spoilers.  I have officially posted it now, it is a series.  I have not really posted what #1, Pandora, is about because it is just too much spoilers.  I don’t want to give anything away.  More importantly, I really don’t want to say too much and them someone else steal the idea for this series (or other series).  And no, I am not making that up.  It is something to be very concerned about.  That is a piece of advice (note, a writer’s advice, not an attorney’s advice) I would give all of you aspiring writers out there.  Do not put too much out there on the Internet or share your writing too much with others, even your close friends.  Consider filing a copyright your work.  Want legal advice?  Ask a copyright attorney, not me.  I do not give legal advice over the Internet.

In Shinigami Saga, currently working on title TBA book 1, I have the beginning and the end planned.  I also have some scenes in between, so it is a matter of filling in more detail.  I am once again very happy I bought Scrivener software.  It has so much easier to use than Microsoft Office for planning novels, particularly long ones.  I am also looking into filing in more character names.  I will be using most if not all Japanese names in this book.  Yes, like Megami, the book is in English, but I may throw some Japanese phrases in there.

In The Age of Merrik, the title I know most of you are interested in, I am mainly working on the direct sequel right now, Rise of the New Masters.  It begins shortly after the events of The Anointing.  However, I suppose some of you might find it to be directly after The Anointing with the Zsastar scene.  That scene aside, I would say it occurs shortly after.  I have just finished writing about a character death.  This character was not a main character in The Anointing, but did appear in that novel.  I anticipate another direct sequel after this book.  Rise of the New Masters will feature all seven of King Malik’s Generals.  The main antagonist of this story will be Malik’s Seventh General rather than his Fourth General and Son, Zsastar.  Dark Desires is on hold for now, but some of the related content I develop for Rise of the New Masters may appear in Dark Desires.

Under my Miscellaneous series category, under which I also include my stand alone books, I am working on my Phoenix (working title) book.

Those are the books I am more actively working on now than others.

I am considering adding a “Q & A Corner” to the blog.  If any of you have any thoughts about that or other things, send me an email.

For those of you interested in The Age of Merrik sequel, I think you will have a lot to look forward to.  I think you all will enjoy the other books as well.

Have a wonderful and safe week out there everyone!


Eugena Moulton

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Weekly Update

By eugena On February 26th, 2012

It’s that time again. Yes, I said again. I get to be bombarded with exams again this week. Sigh. Insert image of me fighting it.

But on another topic, I debated this week on whether to call the Shinigami element gods kamui or kami. I had them tagged as kamui for quite a bit but I may be changing this to kami.

On my Age of Merrik series, I gave some thought as to some of the more popular drama and who is a favorite character. In Rise of the New Masters, I may decide to have Oroco arrested and sentenced to hanging, leaving the rest of the crew to rescue her. Should be interesting.

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So Many Worlds

By eugena On February 16th, 2012

How many unfinished writing projects do I have? I don’t just mean the ones I’ve listed here. I recently looked into some really old and I mean really old short stories and now I think “Wow I could make that into a great idea.” I suppose now the great challenge is – of my fiction projects – which gets my time?

Well, obviously, none of them really get any of my time since I’m still in school right now. But besides that.

I feel a bit stumped on The Age of Merrik. Yes, I did this one to myself. I had such a large cast of characters that I said to myself, “Let me condense this,” and I don’t think that is working. So, forget condensing. I’m just going to write as I want.

It’s really a hard toss up. Do I spend time on a book that I already have one published? Or do I spend time on a new series. I don’t have a contract right now on a sequel per se, so do I put one on hold?

And I said “per se.” Excuse the law student.

I had plans for writing over my previous summer break, but some of that went to studying for exams I had to take.

I don’t think writing fiction – apart from romance novels – why, WHY did I ask yet WHY are they so popular – can be an occupation for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily put food on the table or pay any bills.

But I can still move forward. Still write my love triangle with my favorite Shinigami (I did say I was going for a romance angle on this one), still decide Merrik’s fate.

I read some piece of “trash” (I’m being nice) short romance novels last weekend, trying so desperately to get the appeal. Trying to even see what exactly to write to get a novel to sell. I just can’t do it. Not that sort of rubbish I read. About every other chapter there was another hook up and guess what – the plot had not gone missing – the plot was so paper thin it could be seen through until next century.*

Trashy romance, you will not have my Shinigami. Readers if you want sex in my books**, don’t you all have your own imagination? I get it. You want some in there. Fine. I’ll do the “Greek stage” thing rather than “Roman.” Oedipus won’t be putting his eyes out on stage.

* If you didn’t get it, I mean these books were about a character meeting up and “hooking up” with other characters. The “plot” was just a vehicle to switch from one partner to another and so on.

** You won’t find that much graphic sex in them if at all^. I’m sure you all can handle that. I’d still say some of my books would be rated “T” rather than “M” [^Though is it graphic? Maybe I’m exaggerating on it? – See Comment]

Adventure and action is my thing. Elves are not. They are always “We are so much better than you because we are elves” that it is disgusting.

So, where do I go from here?

I’m going to keep working on my novels. Each one has its own characteristics. and writing styles that are appropriate to it.

Here’s a rundown:

  • The Age of Merrik Prequel: Dark Desires – Eleya v. Zaedrif novel, prior to Merrik’s introduction. Do you love your people more than the one you love?
  • The Age of Merrik #2: Rise of the New Masters – Merrik and Eleya seek their missing people. Meanwhile, Nathan returns from the dead (A favorite character of mine, though he’s only mentioned in passing in The Anointing) and seeks revenge on who slayed him while wishing to save his beloved Regina Eleya.
  • Shinigami #1 – Supernatural. Because being a god of the dead just isn’t enough for Kamishiro, he’s got to want the whole world. Enter Shirayukihime, beloved protagonist. Not gonna stand by and let it happen.
  • Phoenix – Fantasy. Multiple gods and mayhem. More TBA.
  • Megami Pandora – Science Fiction. More TBA.
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Picking Up the Web Dust

By eugena On February 11th, 2012

It’s been a busy 2 months, going back to school, trying to get everything in order, etc. No, no details. I don’t write much on my private life in blogs, just my writing projects, etc. (as in the service for this blog) lends itself nicely to blogging. Even lends great to multiple blogs. For my own server, I liked WordPress MU in the past, but (WordPress software for your own server) is not so user friendly. More importantly, the spam, including porn type comments are easily found with that software. Advice to the web developer, ALWAYS screen comments before they post. I do, but I know some of you don’t. So as much as I really would like to use my own server for my blogs, at this time I am not going to. Still got to wait for a decent software release.

I have been BUSY. I’m actually crammed this weekend working on an edit – no, I don’t mean for my fiction writing.

Writing my own pieces, though of course not with all the time I would want, has been going well. I’ve written some more on Shinigami and some background on others. Most exciting, of course, is progress on Phoenix. Quite a few references on characters having a celestial/spiritual “mother” of sorts, maybe a bit like Gaia, but with my unique spin on it.

Shinigami has all the drama at the moment. I’ve wrote scenes here and there – not all linear quite yet – that are the important ones. One of the best involves the scene I play Utada Hikaru’s “Devil Inside” to. The protagonist god has finally come to face the “evil bad guy” god, knowing that there is no way she will win. She can only try to harm him and hope her allies will continue her fight. It’s incredibly dramatic as a writer to send a character to its death – a suicide gauntlet. Yes, argue that it is for the “greater good” all you want. It does not really change what the character must go through. No, I’m not 100% happy with this god’s death, but it must be for the plot. After all, in how many decent novels does no character ever die?

Ah, yes, I’m sure there may be some readers out there “flipping their lids” as the expression goes that I am writing about multiple gods. Get. Over. It. In fact, Megami, Phoenix, and Shinigami all – count that ALL – feature multiple gods (and if you squint, in the background mythos of The Age of Merrik, there is a secondary god character). If you can’t handle that, really I’m not sure what to tell you. This is fiction. Besides, anyone who has ever heard of “Shinigami” should know that it means “Death God(s)” either portrayed as a species of gods or spiritual beings. It’s been popularized in Bleach and Death Note. But if you are a fan of either, don’t expect my Shinigami to be like either of them.

But a god can’t die.

Not necessarily. Every author makes his own rules for the fiction ‘verse he writes.

Phoenix and Shinigami are the only two at the moment where the gods’ roles are very important, and Shinigami more so. The others are ancillary.

These books are quite fun to write.

Want to be up-to-date?

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Want to add me as a Facebook friend?

If I don’t know you personally, I don’t mind adding you to my Facebook games list. Though I’m sure most of you readers out there are mature individuals, don’t misinterpret this as I want to do internet dating or whatever with you.

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It’s That Time Again

By eugena On December 6th, 2011

It’s December and that means exams. Thankfully, this might be my last December of exams ever. What a milestone.

I’m sure a couple of you readers out there are wondering, “Where have you been?” I’ve been pretty much antisocial the last month, diving into the books even more than usual and finishing up a writing assignment. It’s at this point I could be jealous of well-established writers that don’t even have to write to make money and can take whatever time they want to turn our their books. I could be but I’m not.

I’m still working on various writing projects, but they are taking a big backseat to everything else in my life. I do work on scenes here and there, and I am coming up with a very awesome finale to Shinigami #1.

Expect to see more in about 2 weeks when I may or may not move the blog to my own server. My new host for the auxiliary sites seems to be reliable – aside from that wiki hack. Spam bots are pretty tough now. But I think I’ve found some lock out methods for mediawiki.

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