Updates and Megami Pandora Contests

By eugena On September 24th, 2018

To all my fans and those who are not, I hope you all have been well.

Many of you may be wondering about my silence and lack of updates on my writing or other projects through my websites and social media. It has been rather unfortunate that I have received unwanted attention which had only been made worse by a continued online presence. So, I have stopped that online presence for a while and will continue to do so. I will not respond to many emails, social media comments, etc. I may return to my online presence, but as to when I cannot disclose at this time. This did not begin recently, but as I have received some emails requesting updates, I have finally decided to update you all.

This is my open letter to thank all of my family, friends, and those of you I do not know personally. I have not forgotten about all of you. Thus, I post this as a “Hello for now.”

I am also posting this to give official notice that I am closing the Megami Pandora contests*. The last date for entry is October 25, 2018. Thank you for all your interest. I can understand some of the hesitation to put in a name to someone you may not know personally. There has been one official entry and that first name will appear in a draft of the novel. As to whether or not it stays, this may be up to the publisher. The name used will be based on the name as given to me. So, if this person was – as is common in online communication as many of you know and some practice – using an alias name, you may not see the name appear under the “actual” name. I reserve the right to refuse entry of a name or alias that is offense, nonsense (for example, contains numbers), or shares a name with pre-established major character in Megami Pandora or other writing projects, as well as refusal for other good cause.

I am considering a brief return to social media status for a Go Fund Me or similar campaign for Doe** who has been undergoing long-term medical testing and attempted treatments. I have noticed a lot of success in funds for IVF and similar but am not sure in the success rate for other needs. (IVF is not the subject for Doe.) Perhaps some of you might have some thoughts on that. I am willing to read your comments or emails on this subject.

I appreciate all of your heartfelt words of support, well-wishes, good vibes, prayers, etc. Please do not expect any updates on any personal life details. I have never said much of my personal life online status will not say anything now. Thanks to my experience with my online presence, expect an absolute silence on the personal details now. If any of you are curious, I am pointing to family and private relationships and status. I am adding a PSA here to say in my opinion no one should post information about their minor (not adult) children, grandchildren, etc., online. Ever. If this applies to me (again, I am not saying either way), it is something I will not do. Anyone who thinks it would be appropriate to post online that kind of information about me or those related to me can expect that I will demand this information to be removed. Those of you who are my friends on Facebook may notice a slight disclosure here and there on my personal life details (PSA still in place), but they are very slim.

To all of my supporters, it has been fun sharing my journey with you. Perhaps we will “speak” again some day.

With my sincere gratitude.

Eugena Moulton

* Megami Pandora Contests details are located on the following blog posts:

** Doe is a pseudonym used here for privacy reasons.

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Writing Updates

By eugena On March 2nd, 2016

Hello out there readers.  I’ve taken an extended hiatus to updating my writing progress outside of facebook due to many other pressing matters.  As some of you may know, I don’t speak much on personal plans over the Internet.

This year I entered the Star Trek: Strange New Worlds 50th Anniversary writing contest.  My story focused on The Original Series, post the movies dealing with the “death” of Kirk.  Yes, as any of you fans know, that death was not straightforward.  (*Spoilers*)  I will be awaiting the results of the contest, which should be out at the end of this month.  The publication should be out later this year.

I’m excited for my intended future for The Age of Merrik series.  Book 2, Rise of the New Masters, is already over 64,000 words, necessitating it being split in half.  Yet no worries about an annoying cliffhanger.  I don’t believe in just stopping at a chapter, cutting it off mid-story.  There is an “ending” for this book, though it will move right along into Book 3, Title TBA.  I wrote the ending for what is now Book 3 first and have written the ending for Rise of the New Masters and am writing along towards that ending. There are quite a few plot twists coming up, some showing up in this book, some in the next.

I’ve also worked quite a bit on the plot and direction of my title TBA (working title “Phoenix”) fantasy novel over the Nanowrimo 2015.

I’ll be working mostly on my Age of Merrik novel for a while, occasionally working on my others.  I look forward to finishing the first complete draft of Rise of the New Masters.

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Announcing My Tumblr Website

By eugena On June 8th, 2014

E. Moulton on Tumblr

Ok everyone, I’m giving this tumblr a try.  This blog will have my up to date news on my writing projects, but if you’d like to also view my thoughts on other things, like shows, movies, and games, visit my tumblr page.  I will also have some things here and there about my writing projects as well.

Excerpt from my first tumblr post, “Once a Warrior, Always a Warrior:”

So among the so many other things I did this weekend, I worked a bit on Shinigami,  Knowing how the main character is at “Act 1” and will be at “Act 3” (more of screenwriting terms here than prose writing), I believe it’s important to keep showing her as being true to herself.  I think sometimes it takes genuine courage to do that.  And it will for Shirayukihime.  Just as it will for Eleya in Rise of the New Masters when she faces a truth she would rather forget.  Although important in Shin Megami Tensei: Persona, this idea is not really from that series.  I think it is a strong idea present in many works.  The idea of being true to yourself is among the best things you can commit to.  After all, who wants to be lying to yourself?  Of course, in great contrast, I do have characters that are.  Brianna, for example.

I think that by writing scenes with that focus for the characters that adhere to that philosophy really fleshes them out, first of all for me, then also for the audience.  I’m looking forward to writing the hard scene is Rise of the New Masters, where Eleya and a few minor characters will be dealing with something that really puts what they believe in, including themselves, to the test.  And in Shinigami, Shirayukihime must realize her error and choose to deal with the avalanche that is its aftermath.

Once a Warrior, Always a Warror, and these characters won’t be backing down.

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Creative Project: Shattered Sky

By eugena On July 19th, 2013

For anyone not on my FB list, here are some screenshots of a little project I’m working on via the RPG Maker VX Ace engine.




The software RPG Maker VX Ace is currently on sale via Steam for anyone interested in purchasing.


Novels Updates

By eugena On March 4th, 2013

Hello Readers and Fans,

It has been a while since my last post, hasn’t it?  I have definitely been busy (though you could say I’m always busy) with the lawyer side of my life.  I am very happy I am one now.  So in that vein, I put the writing projects off several weeks.  I did not stop working on them, but I did decide to do some more planning with where exactly they were going.

Most recently, I have outlined the entire Megami series.  Yes, spoilers.  I have officially posted it now, it is a series.  I have not really posted what #1, Pandora, is about because it is just too much spoilers.  I don’t want to give anything away.  More importantly, I really don’t want to say too much and them someone else steal the idea for this series (or other series).  And no, I am not making that up.  It is something to be very concerned about.  That is a piece of advice (note, a writer’s advice, not an attorney’s advice) I would give all of you aspiring writers out there.  Do not put too much out there on the Internet or share your writing too much with others, even your close friends.  Consider filing a copyright your work.  Want legal advice?  Ask a copyright attorney, not me.  I do not give legal advice over the Internet.

In Shinigami Saga, currently working on title TBA book 1, I have the beginning and the end planned.  I also have some scenes in between, so it is a matter of filling in more detail.  I am once again very happy I bought Scrivener software.  It has so much easier to use than Microsoft Office for planning novels, particularly long ones.  I am also looking into filing in more character names.  I will be using most if not all Japanese names in this book.  Yes, like Megami, the book is in English, but I may throw some Japanese phrases in there.

In The Age of Merrik, the title I know most of you are interested in, I am mainly working on the direct sequel right now, Rise of the New Masters.  It begins shortly after the events of The Anointing.  However, I suppose some of you might find it to be directly after The Anointing with the Zsastar scene.  That scene aside, I would say it occurs shortly after.  I have just finished writing about a character death.  This character was not a main character in The Anointing, but did appear in that novel.  I anticipate another direct sequel after this book.  Rise of the New Masters will feature all seven of King Malik’s Generals.  The main antagonist of this story will be Malik’s Seventh General rather than his Fourth General and Son, Zsastar.  Dark Desires is on hold for now, but some of the related content I develop for Rise of the New Masters may appear in Dark Desires.

Under my Miscellaneous series category, under which I also include my stand alone books, I am working on my Phoenix (working title) book.

Those are the books I am more actively working on now than others.

I am considering adding a “Q & A Corner” to the blog.  If any of you have any thoughts about that or other things, send me an email.

For those of you interested in The Age of Merrik sequel, I think you will have a lot to look forward to.  I think you all will enjoy the other books as well.

Have a wonderful and safe week out there everyone!


Eugena Moulton

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Happy Holidays and Have a Great New Year!

By eugena On December 31st, 2012

Hello Readers and Fans:

I hope you all are having happy and safe holidays this December and will have a great New Year!

Eugena Moulton

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Writing Software Recommendations

By eugena On December 13th, 2012

As a writer, I want to point out that first and foremost, writing software cannot make you into a better writer.  It can encourage you to write more, and with more practice, be better at your craft.  It can make the task of writing easier for you.

With that disclaimer out of the way, I would like to recommend Scrivener for writing novels.

I used to type predominantly on Microsoft Office Word, but that became difficult starting in the 2007 edition.  The addition of the “Normal” style made it easy to accidentally apply formatting I did not want to text or to have the program itself apply “Normal” without directing it to do so.  Typing a novel on Word was very inconvenient when I wanted to make edits and move portions of the text to a different location in the novel.

After using Scrivener during a free trial period, this problem has gone.  With Scrivener, I can type a scene and later easily click and drag that scene elsewhere.  It works very well in a binder system, separating novel content from notes and research.  Scrivener comes with templates, but I have made modified templates for my own novels, which I would recommend many users do.

I would recommend for any author to try this software out for himself or herself.

Although I have not tried out Scrivener’s screenwriting templates, I would not recommend Scrivener for screenwriters.  If a screenwriter can afford it, I would recommend Final Draft software.  I have an older version of Final Draft and last I used it, it was up to industry standards for formatting, etc.

For More Information on Scrivener:


For More Information on Final Draft:


Also Posted on Eugena’s Musings Reviews

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Back to the Backstory

By eugena On November 14th, 2012

(Spoilers follow!)

I am deep into Rise of the New Masters, planning out what happens in Sethane when Zsastar returns to his father, King Malik.  Neither Zsastar nor Malik are main characters in the book, but they are given the important treatment to create a foundation of what is to come.  General 7, Nathan of Anthama has risen from the dead and he is out for revenge.  Will even the antagonist Malik stand a change against him?  Well, sure, he is not the king for nothing!

Eleya, however, is taking on an inner battle of her own.  With all of her fellow Sword Masters seemingly out of her reach, she must confront her own emotions, battling what we in the modern world might consider as a depression.  Her own history is key in this book.  Of course, guest staring that voice present in the preview mentioned in The Anointing.

Meanwhile, I will take time to plug a wonderful piece of writing software I am demoing, Scrivener.  It is available for Windows and Mac platforms in British English.  It has been very helpful in easily moving about scenes.  I have quite a bit written for Sethane, but now I cut into that and insert a section relating back to our heroine, Eleya.  The rest of the Sethane section returns afterward without any messy copy and pasting in Microsoft Office that sports that awful “Normal” template.  As another aside, writing software is NOT intended to teach you how to write (even if it was ever to say so).  That is something you must learn on your own.  It can give you pointers, but never expect to become a world class writer by simply clicking some “randomize” button for all necessary points – basic plot, setting, characters, etc.  I will probably post a more comprehensive review at Musings Reviews later.  If you are looking for screenwriting, however, I will still recommend industry standard Final Draft.  However, the current price of Scrivener ($40 Windows, $45 Mac) would still make it worth it for the screenwriter as well.

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Got to Hate that Plot of Convenience

By eugena On September 30th, 2012

From my review of the Puppy Love Film.  Writers, please, just don’t do this:

Save yourself a jaunt down into boredom, and don’t turn this film on. A film done by Hallmark, the company famous for its sappy, predictable, and often times unrealistic plot lines, Puppy Love, does not deviate from the mean. In perhaps the most unrealistic plot line I’ve heard of in 2012, a woman adopts a dog who already belongs to another. That’s right. That’s what a writer like myself calls “a plot of convenience.” What do I mean by this? If you want to get from point A to B in your script or novel, sometimes you force the plot. If I go so far as to call it “a plot of convenience, then I mean it is very unrealistic.

Read the rest of the review.

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Getting Back To It All

By eugena On August 29th, 2012

I’ve done a lot of outlining, notes, and summaries these past two weeks, mostly centering on Rise on the New Masters and the Phoenix (title TBA) novel.  Of all books, I have made the most progress on my Phoenix (title TBA) novel.  I always knew the general idea of the book, and the main characters.  I even have a few drawings of the dragons.  Yes, I said drawings.  I’m not good at many things as I would like to be in the drawing world, but I think I did pretty good on the dragons.

So, I get to the ultimate question, if you have gods in the novel, how do you make those gods bland bleed?  How do you make then vulnerable to an enemy?  You could have their army vs the enemy, but that’s not what I want here.  I want the actual god in its weakness.  So, I’ve got a lot to flesh out on that, but I am making progress.

I’ve been writing a few scenes for this book, not in chronological order.  The best one I wrote this week was for a character who had one last moment with her mother before another slit the mother’s throat.  It was quite the best of the scenes this week.  She was just reacquainted with her mother, whom she did not believe for a long time was in fact her mother.  Finally, that truth was revealed only to have the mother ripped away from her.

Big simplification, but I don’t want to give away spoilers so early.

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