Updates and Megami Pandora Contests

By eugena On September 24th, 2018

To all my fans and those who are not, I hope you all have been well.

Many of you may be wondering about my silence and lack of updates on my writing or other projects through my websites and social media. It has been rather unfortunate that I have received unwanted attention which had only been made worse by a continued online presence. So, I have stopped that online presence for a while and will continue to do so. I will not respond to many emails, social media comments, etc. I may return to my online presence, but as to when I cannot disclose at this time. This did not begin recently, but as I have received some emails requesting updates, I have finally decided to update you all.

This is my open letter to thank all of my family, friends, and those of you I do not know personally. I have not forgotten about all of you. Thus, I post this as a “Hello for now.”

I am also posting this to give official notice that I am closing the Megami Pandora contests*. The last date for entry is October 25, 2018. Thank you for all your interest. I can understand some of the hesitation to put in a name to someone you may not know personally. There has been one official entry and that first name will appear in a draft of the novel. As to whether or not it stays, this may be up to the publisher. The name used will be based on the name as given to me. So, if this person was – as is common in online communication as many of you know and some practice – using an alias name, you may not see the name appear under the “actual” name. I reserve the right to refuse entry of a name or alias that is offense, nonsense (for example, contains numbers), or shares a name with pre-established major character in Megami Pandora or other writing projects, as well as refusal for other good cause.

I am considering a brief return to social media status for a Go Fund Me or similar campaign for Doe** who has been undergoing long-term medical testing and attempted treatments. I have noticed a lot of success in funds for IVF and similar but am not sure in the success rate for other needs. (IVF is not the subject for Doe.) Perhaps some of you might have some thoughts on that. I am willing to read your comments or emails on this subject.

I appreciate all of your heartfelt words of support, well-wishes, good vibes, prayers, etc. Please do not expect any updates on any personal life details. I have never said much of my personal life online status will not say anything now. Thanks to my experience with my online presence, expect an absolute silence on the personal details now. If any of you are curious, I am pointing to family and private relationships and status. I am adding a PSA here to say in my opinion no one should post information about their minor (not adult) children, grandchildren, etc., online. Ever. If this applies to me (again, I am not saying either way), it is something I will not do. Anyone who thinks it would be appropriate to post online that kind of information about me or those related to me can expect that I will demand this information to be removed. Those of you who are my friends on Facebook may notice a slight disclosure here and there on my personal life details (PSA still in place), but they are very slim.

To all of my supporters, it has been fun sharing my journey with you. Perhaps we will “speak” again some day.

With my sincere gratitude.

Eugena Moulton

* Megami Pandora Contests details are located on the following blog posts:

** Doe is a pseudonym used here for privacy reasons.

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Happy October!

By eugena On October 23rd, 2014

*Waves* Hello out there, readers, it’s been a long time.  Well, when you’re an attorney, there is just so much to do.  I’ve still been working on my books, but I didn’t really feel the need to keep posting that here.

So, I’ve finally reached the ending of Megami Pandora.  Yay.  Cheers.  干杯!  I have to fill in all the lovely scenes between the beginning and end that I haven’t finished yet, but it’s thrilling to work on an action-packed scifi novel like this one.  In a sense, I really have two different places to end – one biggie cliffhanger and one traditional place to end.  I’m liking the cliffhanger more and more.  But don’t worry, If I stop there, the rest will be pushed to the front of Megami #2.

So, in The Age of Merrik, Rise of the New Masters and Dark Desires, I’m struggling with just how much I want to make a current “good guy” into a “bad guy.”  Yes, it’s actually a surprise for you audience on what happens, but is this character so irredeemable that everyone wants to off him?  I guess you’ll find out.  But you would actually have to tell me.  That’s the beauty of writing.  I have an opinion, I write the story, yet always ask the audience.  They may take it completely different.  Take the Brianna vs. Liana debate.  I could care less that someone betrayed their boyfriend.  Yet when asked who they despised more, Brianna or Liana, all the females I asked thought Briana was the worse of the two.  I’m disagreeing with the XX genes out there and saying it’s far worse to betray your entire nation like Liana did.

Have fun out there readers and pursue what you love to do in life.

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Novels Updates

By eugena On March 4th, 2013

Hello Readers and Fans,

It has been a while since my last post, hasn’t it?  I have definitely been busy (though you could say I’m always busy) with the lawyer side of my life.  I am very happy I am one now.  So in that vein, I put the writing projects off several weeks.  I did not stop working on them, but I did decide to do some more planning with where exactly they were going.

Most recently, I have outlined the entire Megami series.  Yes, spoilers.  I have officially posted it now, it is a series.  I have not really posted what #1, Pandora, is about because it is just too much spoilers.  I don’t want to give anything away.  More importantly, I really don’t want to say too much and them someone else steal the idea for this series (or other series).  And no, I am not making that up.  It is something to be very concerned about.  That is a piece of advice (note, a writer’s advice, not an attorney’s advice) I would give all of you aspiring writers out there.  Do not put too much out there on the Internet or share your writing too much with others, even your close friends.  Consider filing a copyright your work.  Want legal advice?  Ask a copyright attorney, not me.  I do not give legal advice over the Internet.

In Shinigami Saga, currently working on title TBA book 1, I have the beginning and the end planned.  I also have some scenes in between, so it is a matter of filling in more detail.  I am once again very happy I bought Scrivener software.  It has so much easier to use than Microsoft Office for planning novels, particularly long ones.  I am also looking into filing in more character names.  I will be using most if not all Japanese names in this book.  Yes, like Megami, the book is in English, but I may throw some Japanese phrases in there.

In The Age of Merrik, the title I know most of you are interested in, I am mainly working on the direct sequel right now, Rise of the New Masters.  It begins shortly after the events of The Anointing.  However, I suppose some of you might find it to be directly after The Anointing with the Zsastar scene.  That scene aside, I would say it occurs shortly after.  I have just finished writing about a character death.  This character was not a main character in The Anointing, but did appear in that novel.  I anticipate another direct sequel after this book.  Rise of the New Masters will feature all seven of King Malik’s Generals.  The main antagonist of this story will be Malik’s Seventh General rather than his Fourth General and Son, Zsastar.  Dark Desires is on hold for now, but some of the related content I develop for Rise of the New Masters may appear in Dark Desires.

Under my Miscellaneous series category, under which I also include my stand alone books, I am working on my Phoenix (working title) book.

Those are the books I am more actively working on now than others.

I am considering adding a “Q & A Corner” to the blog.  If any of you have any thoughts about that or other things, send me an email.

For those of you interested in The Age of Merrik sequel, I think you will have a lot to look forward to.  I think you all will enjoy the other books as well.

Have a wonderful and safe week out there everyone!


Eugena Moulton

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Megami Contests Extended

By eugena On January 15th, 2013

Greetings Readers.


I have now extended the previous Megami Pandora contests for an indefinite time.  I will give at least 30 days notice until the close of the contest.  I am currently busy with The Age of Merrik: Rise of the New Masters and do not know when I will complete Megami Pandora.

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Megami Pandora Contests

By eugena On December 6th, 2012

Attention readers and fans, here is your chance to make history in my novel in progress, Megami Pandora.

Megami Pandora is a science fiction novel centering around the life of protagonist Elise McNair, a law student from a small Florida town with a private college and law school.

Please read this whole post, including the rules at the bottom before entering.

Contest #1: Open to everyone**

What is your favorite local business or club (examples: restaurant, coffee shop, American Legion, Elks) and why?  Also include what kind of business it is, if it is not obvious from the name.  No adult businesses (ex: strip clubs) will be counted.

Contest #2: Open to Attorneys and Retired Attorneys**

What case has been either the most influential, important, or a turning point for you as an attorney and why?  It does not have to be a case in which you were involved.  Please include case name and official citation.  You may also include a copy of the case or summary of it if you wish.

Contest #3: Open to current and former law students (so, yes, attorneys do count)**

What staff or faculty member was most influential to you in your law school career and why?  You do not have to include the person’s name.  You could just describe the person’s occupation.  Example: “My intellectual property professor who encouraged me to pursue IP law.”  Please include the name of your law school.

Contest #4: Open to current and former law school staff and faculty**

What events or persons have been important to you as a staff or faculty member at your law school and why?  Please include the name of your law school and your position(s) there.


What is the prize?

If your entry is selected, a character in Megami Pandora will be given your first name.


Contest #1 – There is a local coffee shop owned by a female owner, ___ Smith.  There is a local restaurant owned by a male owner, ____ Cartwright.  If someone named Joan wins Contest #1, the name of the owner will become Joan Smith.

Contest #2 – The case name will be mentioned and the type of case.  It will be an important case to one of the attorneys who appears which will share the first name with the winner.

Contest #3 – A law student classmate of Elise will share his or her first name with the winner.

Contest #4 – A staff or faculty member of the law school or a staff member of the community law library will share your first name.  At your request, they might share your same position you have or have had at the law school.


** You must be at least 18 for any contest.

All entries must include your first and last name.  For contests 3 and 4, they must include the name of your law school, and your position(s) for contest 4.  If you do not wish your first name to be used, just mention that in your entry.

This character will only have 2 things in common with you: your first name and a favorite (local business or law school class) or important thing (case name).  This character will NOT be you.  It is a fictional character.  Characters have been established for Megami Pandora, and this contest just alters the two things in common.  You do not have any rights or claims, legal or otherwise to these character or other elements.  You do, however, have bragging rights.  You may request that your full name (first and last) or abbreviations or initials be posted as a winner.  At minimum, I will post initials.

I have, unfortunately received some harassing emails, etc., from some people – you know who you are – so if any of you enter, your entry will be disqualified.


Entry Dates:

You may enter from today (December 6, 2012 to February 8, 2013).  The entry period may be lengthened.  I will post an update if it is.


How to Enter:

You may enter once per contest you qualify for.

You may email me (eugenam AT gmail DOT com).  Please have as your subject: “Megami Pandora Contest Entry.”


How will the Winner be Chosen?:

For each contest with 9 entries and under, I will choose the winner.  I will post the winning entry by February 15, 2013.

For each contest with 10 or more entries, I will put up a poll for readers to vote.  Voting will begin by February 15, 2013 or sooner and end on February 28, 2013.  Winners will be announced by March 8, 2013.

This may change if the contest is open beyond February 8, 2013.

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Relating to Megami

By eugena On April 23rd, 2012

This is one of the last times I will ever be able to relate to Elise, the protagonist of my upcoming Megami Pandora, a law stutent about to discover a world unimaginable.  Except that I can imagine it, because I am writing it.  In come ways, I guess I may be able to revisit what it feels like to be a student again.  But not really.  Elise’s story is is her own.

I am struggling on how much back history to give Elise.  Do I limit it and focus on the main threat of the book?  Do I cushion her with a likable history?  Well, that’s not needed.  She is the protagonist for a reason.  It is law school again, but a different universe.  Law school this time in sunny Florida with a very complicated relationship with her roommate.  But then again, I like action scenes, so you don’t have too much time to reflect on it, Elise, the threat is soon there.

I never pick titles on a whim, and Megami Pandora has certainly been one that has stuck with me ever since I thought of it.  Megami, goddess.  Pandora, the myth.  Yes, it does have a Japanese title for the first part of the name (Megami), but it is not the same as the Shinigami series.


Perhaps one day, you all will meet Megami on your bookshelves.


Until then, looking forward to writing out the story of Elise.

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So Many Worlds

By eugena On February 16th, 2012

How many unfinished writing projects do I have? I don’t just mean the ones I’ve listed here. I recently looked into some really old and I mean really old short stories and now I think “Wow I could make that into a great idea.” I suppose now the great challenge is – of my fiction projects – which gets my time?

Well, obviously, none of them really get any of my time since I’m still in school right now. But besides that.

I feel a bit stumped on The Age of Merrik. Yes, I did this one to myself. I had such a large cast of characters that I said to myself, “Let me condense this,” and I don’t think that is working. So, forget condensing. I’m just going to write as I want.

It’s really a hard toss up. Do I spend time on a book that I already have one published? Or do I spend time on a new series. I don’t have a contract right now on a sequel per se, so do I put one on hold?

And I said “per se.” Excuse the law student.

I had plans for writing over my previous summer break, but some of that went to studying for exams I had to take.

I don’t think writing fiction – apart from romance novels – why, WHY did I ask yet WHY are they so popular – can be an occupation for everyone. It doesn’t necessarily put food on the table or pay any bills.

But I can still move forward. Still write my love triangle with my favorite Shinigami (I did say I was going for a romance angle on this one), still decide Merrik’s fate.

I read some piece of “trash” (I’m being nice) short romance novels last weekend, trying so desperately to get the appeal. Trying to even see what exactly to write to get a novel to sell. I just can’t do it. Not that sort of rubbish I read. About every other chapter there was another hook up and guess what – the plot had not gone missing – the plot was so paper thin it could be seen through until next century.*

Trashy romance, you will not have my Shinigami. Readers if you want sex in my books**, don’t you all have your own imagination? I get it. You want some in there. Fine. I’ll do the “Greek stage” thing rather than “Roman.” Oedipus won’t be putting his eyes out on stage.

* If you didn’t get it, I mean these books were about a character meeting up and “hooking up” with other characters. The “plot” was just a vehicle to switch from one partner to another and so on.

** You won’t find that much graphic sex in them if at all^. I’m sure you all can handle that. I’d still say some of my books would be rated “T” rather than “M” [^Though is it graphic? Maybe I’m exaggerating on it? – See Comment]

Adventure and action is my thing. Elves are not. They are always “We are so much better than you because we are elves” that it is disgusting.

So, where do I go from here?

I’m going to keep working on my novels. Each one has its own characteristics. and writing styles that are appropriate to it.

Here’s a rundown:

  • The Age of Merrik Prequel: Dark Desires – Eleya v. Zaedrif novel, prior to Merrik’s introduction. Do you love your people more than the one you love?
  • The Age of Merrik #2: Rise of the New Masters – Merrik and Eleya seek their missing people. Meanwhile, Nathan returns from the dead (A favorite character of mine, though he’s only mentioned in passing in The Anointing) and seeks revenge on who slayed him while wishing to save his beloved Regina Eleya.
  • Shinigami #1 – Supernatural. Because being a god of the dead just isn’t enough for Kamishiro, he’s got to want the whole world. Enter Shirayukihime, beloved protagonist. Not gonna stand by and let it happen.
  • Phoenix – Fantasy. Multiple gods and mayhem. More TBA.
  • Megami Pandora – Science Fiction. More TBA.
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Picking Up the Web Dust

By eugena On February 11th, 2012

It’s been a busy 2 months, going back to school, trying to get everything in order, etc. No, no details. I don’t write much on my private life in blogs, just my writing projects, etc.

WordPress.com (as in the service for this blog) lends itself nicely to blogging. Even lends great to multiple blogs. For my own server, I liked WordPress MU in the past, but WordPress.org (WordPress software for your own server) is not so user friendly. More importantly, the spam, including porn type comments are easily found with that software. Advice to the web developer, ALWAYS screen comments before they post. I do, but I know some of you don’t. So as much as I really would like to use my own server for my blogs, at this time I am not going to. Still got to wait for a decent software release.

I have been BUSY. I’m actually crammed this weekend working on an edit – no, I don’t mean for my fiction writing.

Writing my own pieces, though of course not with all the time I would want, has been going well. I’ve written some more on Shinigami and some background on others. Most exciting, of course, is progress on Phoenix. Quite a few references on characters having a celestial/spiritual “mother” of sorts, maybe a bit like Gaia, but with my unique spin on it.

Shinigami has all the drama at the moment. I’ve wrote scenes here and there – not all linear quite yet – that are the important ones. One of the best involves the scene I play Utada Hikaru’s “Devil Inside” to. The protagonist god has finally come to face the “evil bad guy” god, knowing that there is no way she will win. She can only try to harm him and hope her allies will continue her fight. It’s incredibly dramatic as a writer to send a character to its death – a suicide gauntlet. Yes, argue that it is for the “greater good” all you want. It does not really change what the character must go through. No, I’m not 100% happy with this god’s death, but it must be for the plot. After all, in how many decent novels does no character ever die?

Ah, yes, I’m sure there may be some readers out there “flipping their lids” as the expression goes that I am writing about multiple gods. Get. Over. It. In fact, Megami, Phoenix, and Shinigami all – count that ALL – feature multiple gods (and if you squint, in the background mythos of The Age of Merrik, there is a secondary god character). If you can’t handle that, really I’m not sure what to tell you. This is fiction. Besides, anyone who has ever heard of “Shinigami” should know that it means “Death God(s)” either portrayed as a species of gods or spiritual beings. It’s been popularized in Bleach and Death Note. But if you are a fan of either, don’t expect my Shinigami to be like either of them.

But a god can’t die.

Not necessarily. Every author makes his own rules for the fiction ‘verse he writes.

Phoenix and Shinigami are the only two at the moment where the gods’ roles are very important, and Shinigami more so. The others are ancillary.

These books are quite fun to write.

Want to be up-to-date?

Subscribe to my blog or Facebook page (see a list of all of them at http://tinyurl.com/emfanpages) . You don’t have to be my Facebook “friend” to add my pages.

Want to add me as a Facebook friend?

If I don’t know you personally, I don’t mind adding you to my Facebook games list. Though I’m sure most of you readers out there are mature individuals, don’t misinterpret this as I want to do internet dating or whatever with you.

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A Megami Ending

By eugena On July 6th, 2011

Konbanwa fans!

I finished watching some of AAA’s Buzz Communication PVs (Music Videos). Another fabulous entry for AAA. I’m still sticking with AAA’s Aitai Riyu as a great ending/credits if it were a movie song.

So, I’ve promised you romance fans, haven’t I. Been loading those scenes into Shinigami. I think Megami will have its share but I don’t know if the ending will really appease a lot of you. Even I think it’s a bit sad. And I’m no romance fan. Ask any of my writer friends.

But not all romance novels (can I classify this as one?) end head over heels happy ending. Megami was always to have that sort of unattainable love ending. I promise not to spoil it. After all, I think I’ve only told one person the actual plot of Megami. And it’s fun to write.

Here’s a YouTube link to an AAA live performance of Aitai Riyu

AAA Aitai Riyu

An info/translation page


If no one has asked yet, “Megami” itself has importance. Though if it were a movie, it would obviously be sci-fi and action and it would have those obligatory make-the-ratings love scenes. Audience, imagine that for yourself. I may not actually write the love scenes in the novel.

Romantic hopefuls: There is at least ONE of those scenes in Shinigami. I put it in there thinking of all my “love Romance” fans. I know I’m making you guys happy out there.

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Some In-Depth Q and A

By eugena On July 5th, 2011

Currently watching SKU…I am one happy otaku.

Hello loyal fans and readers. Today’s been dramatic in the USA…after all, it has been the Anthony verdict. I’m going to refrain from making comments. I am sure I will be having lots of chats about it when I return to law school this fall.

The Age of Merrik, it its initial form was a book I had in my mind many years ago. In one sense, I feel like it has been my entire writing life. When I was still a kid, I wrote that book. In my mind anyway and kept notes on it. Years had passed and I morphed it into its second form, one featuring the Swordmasters, then later into the final form which was edited and published.

The Merrik of long ago focused on a trio — Zira, Zsastar, and Zaedrif. Yes, they are all “Z” for a reason. They were the reason for those three crystals. There was in fact another story entirely for them. That story passed into legend and two of the names were reused as new characters. Zsastar, still The General, now had a father, Malik, and the backstory of Sethane took roots. Zsastar now fought the Swordmasters — save Eleya — whom he still desires to dominate. No, Zsastar does not love. He is not capable. He is immature, but dangerous. He won’t falter to slay anyone — except Eleya. Zaedrif was no longer the teenage child. He became a cunning traitor — though most of his treachery was in fact a motivation I would have for Dark Desires.

Dark Desires and Rise of the New Masters will depart their predecessor and feature many changes, one of which is last names.

Some of the questions I have received:

  • What about John and Miriam?
  • What about Cle’an
  • What’s the deal with the crystals?

I’ve gotten the crystals question quite a lot. So, I’ll give you all a little hint: very important to mind/power transference. Yeah, not really too much of an answer. Eleya did not seem to have much effect with the blue one, but her memory and power had been sealed away by the end of Dark Desires which effects the influence of the crystal. Why did Zaedrif have them at first? Okay, I’ve already spoiled it a bit. He’s really a bad guy, but a bad guy at the end of his life, seeking to earn his redemption. Is he the same person as the Dark Desires baddie? You will all have to wait for that.

John and Miriam will have some sort of reunion. Cle’an will face his past and show his true loyalties. Will those crystals be important again. Yes, you all can bet on that.

I will need to flesh out the past a bit more (Dark Desires). For now, I’m focusing on Megami Pandora and Shinigami Saga.

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