Happy October!

By eugena On October 23rd, 2014

*Waves* Hello out there, readers, it’s been a long time.  Well, when you’re an attorney, there is just so much to do.  I’ve still been working on my books, but I didn’t really feel the need to keep posting that here.

So, I’ve finally reached the ending of Megami Pandora.  Yay.  Cheers.  干杯!  I have to fill in all the lovely scenes between the beginning and end that I haven’t finished yet, but it’s thrilling to work on an action-packed scifi novel like this one.  In a sense, I really have two different places to end – one biggie cliffhanger and one traditional place to end.  I’m liking the cliffhanger more and more.  But don’t worry, If I stop there, the rest will be pushed to the front of Megami #2.

So, in The Age of Merrik, Rise of the New Masters and Dark Desires, I’m struggling with just how much I want to make a current “good guy” into a “bad guy.”  Yes, it’s actually a surprise for you audience on what happens, but is this character so irredeemable that everyone wants to off him?  I guess you’ll find out.  But you would actually have to tell me.  That’s the beauty of writing.  I have an opinion, I write the story, yet always ask the audience.  They may take it completely different.  Take the Brianna vs. Liana debate.  I could care less that someone betrayed their boyfriend.  Yet when asked who they despised more, Brianna or Liana, all the females I asked thought Briana was the worse of the two.  I’m disagreeing with the XX genes out there and saying it’s far worse to betray your entire nation like Liana did.

Have fun out there readers and pursue what you love to do in life.