When One Life Is Not Enough

By eugena On July 19th, 2013

As for anyone looking for tips or just curious on how I write, I find character interaction very important.  Yes, these characters are fiction, but for brief moments as a writer, they exist real enough to “talk.”  What does this mean?  Well the talking part harkens back to my days when I did more screenwriting, as dialogue is for obvious reasons so much more important in screenwriting than in novel form.  Each character had to be different, just as real people are.  Each character would speak a certain way, and such things had to be clear in his or her dialogue.  Just as acting is easier with a scene of at least two characters – another actor to play off yourself vs. a monologue, the same really is true with a novel.

If you want someone to care about your character, then show them why another character cares.  Just like real life.

In Shinigami Saga, although I’ll appease romance fans with the romance angle, the most important relationship the main character has is with her dragon.  I won’t spoil it too much, but this dragon is her servant who lives and sees everything about her life.  When she may meet her death, do I expect the audience to feel for her because she might die?  Sure.  What I really expect is the audience to feel for the dragon, the survivor.  What is it like to have the most important person to you ripped away before your very eyes?  In the end, many people may in their own ways relate to this.  So, relate.  Relate to the audience.  If I had great drawing talent. I would be posting up pictures of scenes between the dragon and the shinigami.  So, I write these scenes.  I let the audience picture them.

Title Reference: Reincarnation