Relating to Megami

By eugena On April 23rd, 2012

This is one of the last times I will ever be able to relate to Elise, the protagonist of my upcoming Megami Pandora, a law stutent about to discover a world unimaginable.  Except that I can imagine it, because I am writing it.  In come ways, I guess I may be able to revisit what it feels like to be a student again.  But not really.  Elise’s story is is her own.

I am struggling on how much back history to give Elise.  Do I limit it and focus on the main threat of the book?  Do I cushion her with a likable history?  Well, that’s not needed.  She is the protagonist for a reason.  It is law school again, but a different universe.  Law school this time in sunny Florida with a very complicated relationship with her roommate.  But then again, I like action scenes, so you don’t have too much time to reflect on it, Elise, the threat is soon there.

I never pick titles on a whim, and Megami Pandora has certainly been one that has stuck with me ever since I thought of it.  Megami, goddess.  Pandora, the myth.  Yes, it does have a Japanese title for the first part of the name (Megami), but it is not the same as the Shinigami series.


Perhaps one day, you all will meet Megami on your bookshelves.


Until then, looking forward to writing out the story of Elise.

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