Picking Up the Web Dust

By eugena On February 11th, 2012

It’s been a busy 2 months, going back to school, trying to get everything in order, etc. No, no details. I don’t write much on my private life in blogs, just my writing projects, etc.

WordPress.com (as in the service for this blog) lends itself nicely to blogging. Even lends great to multiple blogs. For my own server, I liked WordPress MU in the past, but WordPress.org (WordPress software for your own server) is not so user friendly. More importantly, the spam, including porn type comments are easily found with that software. Advice to the web developer, ALWAYS screen comments before they post. I do, but I know some of you don’t. So as much as I really would like to use my own server for my blogs, at this time I am not going to. Still got to wait for a decent software release.

I have been BUSY. I’m actually crammed this weekend working on an edit – no, I don’t mean for my fiction writing.

Writing my own pieces, though of course not with all the time I would want, has been going well. I’ve written some more on Shinigami and some background on others. Most exciting, of course, is progress on Phoenix. Quite a few references on characters having a celestial/spiritual “mother” of sorts, maybe a bit like Gaia, but with my unique spin on it.

Shinigami has all the drama at the moment. I’ve wrote scenes here and there – not all linear quite yet – that are the important ones. One of the best involves the scene I play Utada Hikaru’s “Devil Inside” to. The protagonist god has finally come to face the “evil bad guy” god, knowing that there is no way she will win. She can only try to harm him and hope her allies will continue her fight. It’s incredibly dramatic as a writer to send a character to its death – a suicide gauntlet. Yes, argue that it is for the “greater good” all you want. It does not really change what the character must go through. No, I’m not 100% happy with this god’s death, but it must be for the plot. After all, in how many decent novels does no character ever die?

Ah, yes, I’m sure there may be some readers out there “flipping their lids” as the expression goes that I am writing about multiple gods. Get. Over. It. In fact, Megami, Phoenix, and Shinigami all – count that ALL – feature multiple gods (and if you squint, in the background mythos of The Age of Merrik, there is a secondary god character). If you can’t handle that, really I’m not sure what to tell you. This is fiction. Besides, anyone who has ever heard of “Shinigami” should know that it means “Death God(s)” either portrayed as a species of gods or spiritual beings. It’s been popularized in Bleach and Death Note. But if you are a fan of either, don’t expect my Shinigami to be like either of them.

But a god can’t die.

Not necessarily. Every author makes his own rules for the fiction ‘verse he writes.

Phoenix and Shinigami are the only two at the moment where the gods’ roles are very important, and Shinigami more so. The others are ancillary.

These books are quite fun to write.

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