Fans Asked For It, Now Look For It (Mature Post)

By eugena On August 21st, 2011

My #1 complaint I have received in The Anointing (other than WHEN is the sequel, etc) has been there’s no sex. Sigh. All that was “off screen.” You all have imaginations.

So, in Shinigami, I promise you all at least 1 sex scene. I have no idea what level of detail is typical in these books. I’ve read over a few romance novels and they’ve gone from a rather pathetic scene of “flushing heat” (no, please don’t ask me to describe that fail! scene) to a demon blowing his breath all over this naked 14 year old’s (apparently NOT considered a child) body. In other words, most of it has sucked.

I usually end up laughing through most scenes that I have read. They are so bad. Well, except for that 14 year old one, that was just disturbing.

The only decent ones I have read was a free ebook, Millie’s Fling, which did a good job in leaving a lot of the detail to the audience and a few Stephanie Plum novels, which was the better portrayal of more detailed scenes.

I suppose it may depend on the publisher on how much detail will be put in for the final.

As far as the rest of The Age of Merrik stories, since a lot of my audience has been adults anyway (even though it is “Teen”), I may just throw some sex scenes in them. I’m sure there will be some scene where someone walks in on Zaedrif and Oroco, interrupts, and arrests them for treason. Sounds interesting anyway.