Is the book always better than the movie? Are there any exceptions?

By eugena On August 31st, 2011

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No. Nothing is ever always better than something else. Usually for those of you who read a book and enjoy it then it is a disappointment to see the movie or television adaptation. It will never be similar enough (some exceptions).

As a writer, technically, I could write anything any way I want. Novels are generally written as they come to me and I edit them. Structure per se is not a necessity.

Movies, however, are an entirely different story. The majority of American scripts are written in a particular formula or structure. There are certain variations and sometimes trend changes. To a certain degree, I have started planning my novels in the same structure as a screenplay, at least for its backbone.

An example in action: Number of Characters

The Age of Merrik: The Anointing has a very large cast. I will be cutting down on that cast in Rise of the New Masters, but will probably be expanding it in Dark Desires since it focuses on the Swordmasters. When I wrote the screenplay adaptation of The Age of Merrik: The Anointing, however, I reduced the number of characters and turned The Four and Miriam into two characters.

Movies and novels are generally different. They usually can be both appreciated. Fans may not like a book’s adaptation. I think the Stardust movie is much more enjoyable than the book.

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What Makes a Family? Blood or Bond?

By eugena On August 31st, 2011

It wasn’t until I was far into a few scenes in Shinigami that I realized I have a reoccurring theme of what defines family?

In Shinigami, a young girl, a teenager by today’s standards but an adult by time of then standards, believed she lost her mother when she was very young. yet **spoiler** she begins to believe perhaps her mother was only lost and not dead and that her mother has come back.

In the end, I believe she will say “You are my mother” regardless of whether the woman birthed her or not. The woman is what the girl had always wanted in a mother, and she is filling that absent role.

Fans of The Age of Merrik may be a bit familiar with this.

***Major Spoilers for The Anointing, do not read further if you don’t want to know. ***

The main protagonist, Merrik, is the adopted son of Her Ladyship of Rikan and Matthias (former ruler) of Tyera. These are to him his parents, regardless of whose blood birthed him.

Of course, the God Character Serafin knows whose genetic son he is. (It is a fantasy novel, so instead of “genetic,” I say either blood or refer to ancestry.) I think it will be a big spoiler. Anyone want to guess?

Merrik accepts Her Ladyship and Matthias as his parents and honors them as that. He accepts Elisha as his sister and this is the only familial bond that is present at the time of The Anointing, since Matthias is long dead and Her Ladyship makes a early exit


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Writing the Hard Scene (Mature Post)

By eugena On August 24th, 2011

At some point in the writing timeline, there is no point delaying the inevitable. I recently finished writing the rape scene of Shinigami. It’s very pivotal to the latter section of the plot. For some of you out there, it may be a bit much to have to read a scene, so as I get closer to a final draft, I will post which chapter it occurs so you can be aware.

I don’t like rape scenes in romance novels. Of course, only persons I would call “strange” would actually like such a thing. In romance novels, however, there is apparently something known as a “rape fantasy.” That’s right, particularly you females out there, you apparently wished to be raped. According to such a tradition, one character — usually male — really wants to get laid with another character — usually female. They BS random love stuff. It’s all about sex. Then the female “resists” but there is usually either a show of she didn’t really mean her resistance or DEEP DOWN she REALLY REALLY wanted it.

HEY AUTHORS, I realize you are doing this for the $ but what ARE you thinking perpetuating such crap? Other than “thank you, audience, here’s more money?”

I’m no historian, and I could be wrong, but from what I understand, back in “the day,” women had to resist rape even until death. She was a hell-bound prostitute otherwise. Further, for some, it’s just expected women submit (just get married before the illegitimate kids are born).

I’m definitely not perpetuating that crap. Well, except for when I’d be spoofing the genre to point out this as obvious crap. It’s apparently more prevalent in historical romances and those with very high maturity (graphic sex — let’s be honest and call this example rape) levels.

Scene written. Characters must deal with the aftermath. Did I mention 2 other characters walk in and witness some of it? Further dislike of a certain antagonist. Shinigami continues.

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Fans Asked For It, Now Look For It (Mature Post)

By eugena On August 21st, 2011

My #1 complaint I have received in The Anointing (other than WHEN is the sequel, etc) has been there’s no sex. Sigh. All that was “off screen.” You all have imaginations.

So, in Shinigami, I promise you all at least 1 sex scene. I have no idea what level of detail is typical in these books. I’ve read over a few romance novels and they’ve gone from a rather pathetic scene of “flushing heat” (no, please don’t ask me to describe that fail! scene) to a demon blowing his breath all over this naked 14 year old’s (apparently NOT considered a child) body. In other words, most of it has sucked.

I usually end up laughing through most scenes that I have read. They are so bad. Well, except for that 14 year old one, that was just disturbing.

The only decent ones I have read was a free ebook, Millie’s Fling, which did a good job in leaving a lot of the detail to the audience and a few Stephanie Plum novels, which was the better portrayal of more detailed scenes.

I suppose it may depend on the publisher on how much detail will be put in for the final.

As far as the rest of The Age of Merrik stories, since a lot of my audience has been adults anyway (even though it is “Teen”), I may just throw some sex scenes in them. I’m sure there will be some scene where someone walks in on Zaedrif and Oroco, interrupts, and arrests them for treason. Sounds interesting anyway.

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Yes, Zaedrif is a Bad Guy

By eugena On August 19th, 2011

I’ve gotten some fan Q & A on my comments on the “bad boy” Zaedrif.

Most of this gets revealed in Dark Desires. It’s up to the reader by the end of that novel if Zaedrif’s actions in The Anointing are in atonement or if deep down he’s just still the same.

Dark Desires focuses on Zaedrif’s Dark Desires that ultimately lead to many deaths and the Fall of Nemea. There is a lot more Zaedrif/Eleya pairing in this novel.

So, if you’ve been so kind as to read The Anointing and wonder just what’s going on with him, that comes out in Dark Desires and will most likely also be addressed in Rise of the New Masters.

For a glimpse at the bad Zaedrif, read the previous post, “Bloody Destiny.”

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Dark Desires: Bloody Destiny

By eugena On August 19th, 2011

Bloody Destiny

An Eleya/Zaedrif Scene from Dark Desires (Prequel to The Age of Merrik)

The vibrant red gush oozed out of her side. Clutching it briefly she dove into a roll, narrowly missing a fatal strike.

“Have you gone mad? What is wrong with you?”

She tried either, but only a squeak came from her lips. Looking up into his eyes, she saw a stranger staring down at her, belittling her without words. As much as she tried to reach inside herself and draw out her power, nothing was left. It had been a gamble. She told herself it was worth it for the others.

No matter how much time she bought for them, her time was now coming to a close. The hammering between her ears pounded like a gavel passing judgment. This was her last day. She had lost everything, and now the beast in front of her would not find her life enough.

He grabbed for her, frustrated in his indecision to take her body or her life.

The more she struggled through her breaths, the more blood oozed, the shorter her life became. She listened in to the clanging of his blade as he dodged. She may no longer have the power, but she knew the blade well enough. She knew his fighting style, even if she had not known him well enough.

She heard the weight of his over-confident step, his preamble to a bloody strike. With the last of her weight, she slammed into him, knocking him off balance. Nearly by instinct, she grabbed at his belt, pulling the sacred dagger from its sheath. It had still been there, and it had called to her.

She drove her knee into the back of his leg, forcing the rest of his body to his knees. She held the dagger to his throat.

“Was she worth it?” She breathed heavy, her lungs screaming for air she could not get. “Were their lives worth it, Zaedrif? Are you as much of a whore as your father?” She screamed the last part at him with what strength she had.

He only laughed. The beast that was once her friend, once her betrothed, laughed. “I will have you,” he vowed. “I will have you and then I will rule.”

“Like hell!” she snapped back, barely keeping her footing.

“Only a matter of time,” he taunted. “I’ve stripped you of your power, your magic, and soon I will strip you of everything.”

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