Love vs. Country

By eugena On July 7th, 2011

The Brianna v. Liana debate — always quite a heated one.

Here’s an interesting Fan Factoid:

Brianna v. Liana — who is worse?
Majority of female fans say Brianna
Majority of males ales say Liana

My thoughts — the females who are picking Brianna say that since she betrayed someone who loved her. If fact, they have pointed that out and looked little at the fact Liana betrayed her COUNTRY which is far worse in my opinion.

Remember to VOTE on who YOU think is worse — and leave a comment if you want. I chose Zaedrif myself, but Brianna is winning the fan vote right now

Brianna v. Liana Poll (+ Zaedrif)

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A Megami Ending

By eugena On July 6th, 2011

Konbanwa fans!

I finished watching some of AAA’s Buzz Communication PVs (Music Videos). Another fabulous entry for AAA. I’m still sticking with AAA’s Aitai Riyu as a great ending/credits if it were a movie song.

So, I’ve promised you romance fans, haven’t I. Been loading those scenes into Shinigami. I think Megami will have its share but I don’t know if the ending will really appease a lot of you. Even I think it’s a bit sad. And I’m no romance fan. Ask any of my writer friends.

But not all romance novels (can I classify this as one?) end head over heels happy ending. Megami was always to have that sort of unattainable love ending. I promise not to spoil it. After all, I think I’ve only told one person the actual plot of Megami. And it’s fun to write.

Here’s a YouTube link to an AAA live performance of Aitai Riyu

AAA Aitai Riyu

An info/translation page

If no one has asked yet, “Megami” itself has importance. Though if it were a movie, it would obviously be sci-fi and action and it would have those obligatory make-the-ratings love scenes. Audience, imagine that for yourself. I may not actually write the love scenes in the novel.

Romantic hopefuls: There is at least ONE of those scenes in Shinigami. I put it in there thinking of all my “love Romance” fans. I know I’m making you guys happy out there.

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Some In-Depth Q and A

By eugena On July 5th, 2011

Currently watching SKU…I am one happy otaku.

Hello loyal fans and readers. Today’s been dramatic in the USA…after all, it has been the Anthony verdict. I’m going to refrain from making comments. I am sure I will be having lots of chats about it when I return to law school this fall.

The Age of Merrik, it its initial form was a book I had in my mind many years ago. In one sense, I feel like it has been my entire writing life. When I was still a kid, I wrote that book. In my mind anyway and kept notes on it. Years had passed and I morphed it into its second form, one featuring the Swordmasters, then later into the final form which was edited and published.

The Merrik of long ago focused on a trio — Zira, Zsastar, and Zaedrif. Yes, they are all “Z” for a reason. They were the reason for those three crystals. There was in fact another story entirely for them. That story passed into legend and two of the names were reused as new characters. Zsastar, still The General, now had a father, Malik, and the backstory of Sethane took roots. Zsastar now fought the Swordmasters — save Eleya — whom he still desires to dominate. No, Zsastar does not love. He is not capable. He is immature, but dangerous. He won’t falter to slay anyone — except Eleya. Zaedrif was no longer the teenage child. He became a cunning traitor — though most of his treachery was in fact a motivation I would have for Dark Desires.

Dark Desires and Rise of the New Masters will depart their predecessor and feature many changes, one of which is last names.

Some of the questions I have received:

  • What about John and Miriam?
  • What about Cle’an
  • What’s the deal with the crystals?

I’ve gotten the crystals question quite a lot. So, I’ll give you all a little hint: very important to mind/power transference. Yeah, not really too much of an answer. Eleya did not seem to have much effect with the blue one, but her memory and power had been sealed away by the end of Dark Desires which effects the influence of the crystal. Why did Zaedrif have them at first? Okay, I’ve already spoiled it a bit. He’s really a bad guy, but a bad guy at the end of his life, seeking to earn his redemption. Is he the same person as the Dark Desires baddie? You will all have to wait for that.

John and Miriam will have some sort of reunion. Cle’an will face his past and show his true loyalties. Will those crystals be important again. Yes, you all can bet on that.

I will need to flesh out the past a bit more (Dark Desires). For now, I’m focusing on Megami Pandora and Shinigami Saga.

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Happy Birthday America!

By eugena On July 4th, 2011

Happy 4th everyone. Have a safe and happy holiday.

Please don’t drink and drive — whether you are driving a car, a boat, or a motor scooter.

And for you historians — sure, argue the “birthday” is some other date if you want — I’m still counting it as July 4.

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