I Think For Myself

By eugena On February 11th, 2011

Also known as “My Views Are Different — I Am A Writer, That Means I Think For Myself”

Some people may find themselves asking “why is it worse that some one is in a coma or paralyzed than being dead”? Well, it is if that person is in a coma they cannot wake from. And STOP with the religious references on the sanctity of life, etc. I don’t care to hear them. Has anyone who starts saying those things stopped to consider the amount of SUFFERING the person who is in a permanent coma or paralyzed must endure? An aside, only a religious view says that suicide is wrong. (NOTE SEPARATION OF CHURCH AND STATE–WHY IS SUICIDE CONSIDERED A CRIME?)

This is why I did not have Liana kill herself when she was under Merrik’s spell to look like Eleya. I really wanted to. But then I had to think all these religious (nuts, perhaps?) may not like this. Also, people are not honest with children about things**, so the kids may ask what happened. Well, she can still be suicidal in ROTNM more so.

Also, this is why I still consider Skye of Rikan to be dead and NOT still alive. Stop obsessing, Malik!

** A wide variety of things. Sailor Moon’s USA adaptation comes to mind. The first season’s two part finale was meshed into one episode and the senshi didn’t die, they just faded away.