Progress on ROTM

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

A prophetic dream sequence…Eleya taking up arms against…Merrik?

Yes, audience, the development is looking good. I know there are no Jonas/Eleya shippers out there (except me) since their moments came in the screenplay adaptation, but there will be some moments in Rise of the New Masters. Stay tuned.

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Announcing Megami Pandora

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

Love this title. It’s completely inspired by my fav Japanese band, AAA’s song “That’s Right.”

I first picked it for a BBC Sherlock crossover fanfic and now I will be putting it on my previously unnamed Science Fiction story.

AAA’s That’s Right PV.

Although I always want to say “Persona” afterwards since “Megami” is in the title of the “Shin Megami Tensei” series.

Megami is Japanese for Goddess

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Execution (M)

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

A story inspired by legal and ethical issues. Rated M for mature content and violence.


A Short Story by Eugena

M for mature content and violence

In the State of Anywhere, rape of a minor is an offense punishable by death.

They knew once they had him, they could never have another. He would require all their time. Perhaps it was their fault. They were too old when they had him, so here he is. His many brothers and sisters, his mother and father, took him in. They coddled and gave him his way. Nothing was a “no” to him. He was special, and special people should live by different rules. It did not matter if he thought they sky was grey, aliens lived on the moon, or that a dog looked better without its tail. It was Johnny’s way, always Johnny’s way.

Johnny lived and lived without a care. Johnny Doe was the coolest, he made sure everyone knew. Johnny always got Johnny’s way.

Johnny strolled down the street, looking from left to right, seeing the people he’d meet. He saw a girl sucking on a lollypop, giggling to herself, in her own world.

“She looks nice,” he thought, wondering what fun things they’d do together. Momma wasn’t home today. So he took her and dragged her off, telling her what video games and toys they would have to play with. She didn’t want to play, but after pushing her a bit, he had his way. It was Johnny’s world, Johnny’s way.

She would have screamed, but he hit her. He didn’t seem to notice she was bleeding. He thought she’d look better in some clean clothes, so he decided to change her. Maybe he’d change, too. She looked better without them, he decided.

The next day, his parents came home, his dad having been in overnight surgery. They would soon return to the hospital. Police were everywhere.

There sat Johnny, in handcuffs, talking about the grey sky. The coroner wheeled out the draped body next to him. He never thought about the girl being fifteen years younger than him. He told them how she turned grey like the sky. She had been so loud, but he quieted her.

Under the same grey sky, Johnny sat trial. For his “fun” enough, the sentence could be passed. Yet over her still body, there was no hesitation for the jurors.

Johnny thought about the grey sky, thought about how good the girl was naked, thought about her silence. Maybe now she was with the aliens on the moon. Perhaps he would be, too.

Find this @ Fiction Press

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The Real Merrik

By eugena On February 12th, 2011
My beloved papillion (and namesake for the character)

Eugena and Merrik

As to why I refer to the character as “Merrik I.”

Isn’t he cute?

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The Story of The Age of Merrik: The Anointing

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

** spoiler alert ** This is my first book in The Age of Merrik series. I am currently working on a sequel.

The first chapter is a brief backstory of the General Zsastar/Swordmasters Eleya and Zaedrif conlfict in the city of Rikan.

The story continues to reveal Merrik, the beloved ruler of the neighboring city of Tyera, betrayed by none other than his future wife and many of his followers. Merrik must confront the same General who murdered his father and permanently disfigured his mother. He must align himself with the dying group of warriors, the Swordmasters, in order to save Tyera and Rikan from The General’s plotting and prevent The General from creating a god.

(my goodreads)

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Fun with Shinigami Saga

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

Making progress on this plot. This story is fun to write. Starring ONLY four main characters (that’s cutting way back from the Age of Merrik cast numbers).

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AOM Memories

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

May not be appropriate for young readers.

In the midst of writing the second book, I think back to the many memories of the first.

The first is the vow: I’m sure some of you think “what’s the big deal on this kiss” sorry got to say that was when I decided “I should not do any more flashbacks or lessons on history.” It really is a plot device and is somewhat important but it only affects some characters. It will be explained in AOM 2. I think I did a zine article on that one.

I also wrote a great scene with Eleya (taking place before AOM: TA) where she is pregnant (or at least she thinks so — could be a nasty spell) and married to Zaedrif. Now with the ending I think, “Crap! Can’t use that now.” But maybe I can use that as a “prophetic dream” instead. It’s such a great scene that I love, I will be fitting it in somewhere.

Perhaps the most disturbing memory comes actually from a reader. He read parts of the first version of the story, which featured a different herione and a different Zaedrif (though the name remained the same). Although I am very familiar on how to use incest in literature (I read japanese manga and light novels and watch anime — it’s full of incest in the weirdest places. Not to meantion that incest itself is absolutely disgusting.), I never once used that in AOM. Not even for the baddies. But he said something like, “Oh, I get it. Zsastar and Kerris (the protagonist) are brother and sister and Zaedrif is their secret child.”

NO. No way. I realize later — I’m not a doctor but it became obvious — that he had a secret desire of incest. No, I could not pass off this reference to Japanese manga/anime/novels, as he was not into them.

WOW amazing what you learn about people even when you’re not trying to learn about them.

Trivia: I finished the first full version of this novel before I was 18 — wow that’s a long time ago. (And it’s really amusing that at law school and during my externship so many people think I’m really young and I’m older than they think. I won’t say how old I am on the ‘net.)

Merrik’s hair: why did I do it that way? I just felt like it. Why black? Black in literature = death. Also, I think Malik meant “dark king” or something like that though in the first version I did not introduce Malik (King of Sethane).

Sex: One reader complained there was no sex. But he was wrong. It’s like violence in a Greek play — it happens off-stage. Miriam gets pregnant (by John) and obviously sex had to be involved. Use your imagination.

Sexism and women hatred: At one point Eleya might have been a widow — then found out her husband was alive when she married Merrik (I have not decided when/if she and Merrik get married now). This reader called Eleya a WHORE. But cheered on Zaedrif who is definitely a whore.


I’m glad I have gotten a lot of feedback on this. Prepare to have butt kicking. If you are the sexist view of above, your butt is thoroughly kicked in advance.

And why hasn’t anyone figured out WHY all the swordmaster true leaders are FEMALE? It’s my version of kicking the pathetic butt of you sexist people. ESPECIALLY YOU RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS THAT ENCOURAGE RAPE, ABUSE, AND MURDER OF FEMALES FOR AN EXCUSE BACKED UP BY YOUR SO-CALLED “RELIGION.”

If you really enjoy reading about females being abused, I recommend The Sword of Truth seies. I expected it to be great after watching the tv show, but it really is a playground for those who fantasize about the abuse, rape, etc of women and minor (though the focus is on the women).

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AOM 2 Ending Written

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

I’m beginning to think I should start writing the ending first always. Well, it was easier to do since this was a sequel. Sequels are really HARD to write in my opinion. But at last, I have written (detailed outline) the ending of this book (Rise of the New Masters), now to write my way there from the beginning. Another great adventure in writing continues.

As a side note, I am considering not including Jonas in this one as he was greatly in love with Brianna who does not appear in this novel. Although he gets somewhat close to Eleya and decides what Brianna has done to her is wrong in the screenplay adaption, this does not show in the first novel. Although, I could just write in a few references or flashback scenes.

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Religious Fanaticism

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

After a person read my Age of Merrik: Rise of the New Masters plot summary, that person implied that I was a Satanist or similar. Without regard to their own use of foul language, that novels may be used allegorically, and most importantly that it is a work of fiction. Updated note: I have received an apology as of 5/12/2010. Yet, considering the usual actions of this person and subsequent postings, I find it to be very insincere.

Therefore, readers may see a disclaimer that THIS WEBSITE IS NOT FOR NOR DOES IT SUPPORT RELIGIOUS FANATICS. While I can respect religious people, I CANNOT RESPECT FANATICS. They often push hatred, rape, abuse (usually of females), and murder (again, usually of females).

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Plot: Dark Desires

By eugena On February 12th, 2011

Regina Eleya and Swordmaster Zaedrif must retrieve a sacred sword to turn the tide of battle against Malik’s Generals. Eleya’s devotion for her people enables her to enter the temple, but Zaedrif’s secret desires for conquest and his lust for Oroco lead to his downfall. Now fighting against the old enemies of Sethane and the newly turned enemy Zaedrif, Eleya must ensure victory for her people and save Zaedrif’s soul.

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